30 Best Fashion YouTube Channels in the Philippines

If there’s one thing that the past few years has proven, it’s that we’re living in a visual era. With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube leading the charge, being online means building an image. It’s the era of more than the fashion blog— it’s the era of the fashion vlog.

Where the last half-decade may have seen a growing list of Filipino fashion bloggers, the new era of fashion blogs is all on video. The contemporary fashion blogger does more than just write out a static post; they carefully curate live and video content as well. With video content rising to prominence in recent years, it’s no wonder that fashion bloggers Philippines have made their homes on YouTube, too.

While fashion always changes, style is eternal— and that’s something that Filipinos have in spades. If you’re looking for style inspo that’s perfect for the tropical weather and your budget, then here’s a list of the 30 best fashion YouTube channels in the Philippines.

Laureen Uy

You simply can’t talk about fashion in the Philippines without talking about Laureen Uy. One of the first to make a name for herself as a fashion blogger and professional stylist, she’s taking the YouTube world by storm. Her channel is chock full of style tips, unboxing videos, hauls, and beauty reviews. Laureen is all about staying chic and sophisticated, so you’re sure to see a ton of videos about luxury fashion and travel.

Check out Laureen Uy on her YouTube channel here.

Ella Gatchalian

With a channel that started in 2015, it’s safe to say Ella Gatchalian of JEORELLA fame has vlogging down to an art. Her 750 thousand subscribers are testament to hard work, perseverance, and a great sense of style. JEORELLA is home to different kinds of content, including daily life vlogs, challenges, makeup looks, and outfits. Ella’s sense of style is youthful yet urban, and she showcases her flexibility even further through challenges like wearing her boyfriend’s clothes.

Check out Ella Gatchalian on her YouTube channel here.

David Guison

Contemporary men’s fashion in the Philippines is perhaps best exemplified by David Guison. With effortless looks that bring style back into casual wear, he makes looking good in the tropics look easy. David has a great palette of colors that anyone can reference and look good in. He’s also got great style tips for customers of local Instagram stores, mall retailers like Uniqlo, and even ecommerce sites like Lazada and Shopee. Not feeling like fashion? He’s got challenges and vlogs for you to enjoy, too.

Check out David Guison on his YouTube account here.

Camille Co

Another giant of the Philippine fashion blogosphere, Camille Co has definitely grown in confidence and style. You can turn to her YouTube channel for a look into her extensive collection of luxury bags, clothes, and shoes. Want more than just fashion? She also has a ton of videos about married life, home and décor, beauty and skincare, and travel. If you want a glimpse of what an elegant, exciting young adulthood is like, Camille’s channel has it all.

Check out Camille Co on her YouTube channel here.

Ry Velasco

Releasing videos regularly twice a week, Ry Velasco is always sure to keep her viewers entertained. She has tons of videos about home decoration and renovation, as well as on travel, challenges, and vlogs. And if you’re looking for fashion, she’s definitely got that too. Ry has tons of videos of her clothing hauls and style tips. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to cop her style, either— she makes sure to have content on affordable sources like Shopee and the Taytay tiangge. Definitely great advice for buying on a budget.

Check out Ry Velasco on her YouTube channel here.

Angel Yeo

Born and raised in Zamboanga, Angel Yeo makes living life look effortlessly cool. A flight attendant and model when she’s not content creating, Angel has enough range to entertain anyone. You can check out her hauls and try-ons for tips on what’s in, and her comfy, casual style is sure to look and feel good. Not only that, she’s got loads of tips on home improvement, self-improvement, and even Instagram feed improvement. If you want a channel that’s basically a one-stop shop, this one’s it.

Check out Angel Yeo on her YouTube channel here.

Lissa Kahayon

Another top name in Filipino fashion blogging, Lissa Kahayon has a sense of style unlike any other. With an impeccable palette and a chic, casual style that blends together tropical comfort and urban life, Lissa’s the perfect example of how to look good in the Philippines. She’s also got a range of videos to entertain anybody, with tips for content creation, self-care, gift guides, vlogs, and more.

Check out Lissa Kahayon on her YouTube channel here.

Kryz Uy

Into fashion blogging in the Philippines? Then you’ve probably heard of Kryz Uy. Born in Cebu City but at easte anywhere in the world, this fashionista started out blogging on her site Thirstythought before branching out into Instagram and YouTube. Now, she’s a mom and content creator, with videos about her travels, home life, motherhood, and much more. More importantly, though, she’s got a playlist full of style videos, with styling tips for outfit pieces that can help you make your look your own.

Check out Kryz Uy on her YouTube channel here.


For Gen Z girls who are looking to look chic, casual, and college-ready, ThatsBella is the channel to watch. Thanks to her countless vlogs on student life, studying, working out, and yes, shopping, she’s proven that you don’t have to wait to do it all. Bella has a simple, comfortable style that can flatter anyone. Want tips on how to get your closet and life looking like hers? Start with her haul videos for ideas, and then branch out. You won’t regret it.

Check out ThatsBella on her YouTube channel here.

Love Marie Escudero

Perhaps best known for her explosive popularity as a young actress, Love Marie Escudero— stage name Heart Evangelista— proves her staying power in other ways. Famous both on and offline for her extravagant sense of style, she’s the go-to when you want tips on high fashion. You can see in her videos just what living the high life means for fashion. She’s got tips for ukay shopping and local stores, too. But if you’ve always wanted to see Paris Fashion Week behind the scenes, she’s your gal.

Check out Love Marie Escudero on her YouTube channel here.

Micah Louisse

Promising to bring love and light right into her viewers homes, Micah Louisse has a feminine, dainty style that flatters almost everyone. Check out her channel for styling tips for local store and Shopee hauls. She’s also got a lovely jewelry collection, with tips on how to start one affordably for any beginner. Of course, she’s got vlogs and lifestyle videos too, so you’ve got a range of great content to choose from.

Check out Micah Louisse on her YouTube channel here.

Rei Germar

When it comes to confidence and style, Rei Germar has got the competition beat. With over 1.4 million subscribers, she’s proven that when she talks, people are there to listen. Despite her young age, she’s proven herself as a fashion and lifestyle icon. You can find the evidence for this on her channel, where she talks about her hauls from her extensive travels, home decoration advice, life tips, fashion advice, and more. When it comes to style, Rei has a chic, feminine approach that flatters any body and budget.

Check out Rei Germar on on her YouTube channel here.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Now, let’s talk about someone a little more off-kilter. Alodia Gosiengfiao is a streamer, host, and cosplayer who’s made waves in geek circles both in the Philippines and abroad. Her channel is chock full of her eclectic interests, and you can find her doing anything from interviewing Hollywood stars, traveling, playing with big name streamers, and, yes, cosplaying. While her outfit choices may be pretty specific, she’s still got helpful tips on making even the wackiest clothes work for you.

Check out Alodia Gosiengfiao on her YouTube channel here.

Tricia Gosingtian

Another huge name of the Philippine fashion blogosphere, Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada. Never one to lose herself to fads, Tricia has a sweetly sophisticated style that looks timeless no matter where she is. While you’re more likely to find her posting on her Instagram account or on her blog, she still has several helpful tips and videos on her channel. Whether it’s hair styling tips to customizing your own Longchamp to a-day-in-the-life videos, Tricia proves that simple and sweet is always best.

Check out Tricia Gosingtian on her YouTube channel here.

Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan

Thanks to a new generation that’s hooked on sustainable fashion and individual style, Fil-Canadians Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan have found their niche. Known for their famous channel Tothe9s, which has almost 700 thousand subscribers, the duo have been filming in style for years. They’ve got especially great tips for thrifting, or ukay as it’s known in the Philippines. They can make a fantastic outfit out of anything, proving that you don’t have to buy brand new to look good. Looking for style icons? You’ve found them.

Check out Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan on their YouTube channel here.

Camie Juan

Every fashion lover has dreamed of making it big in the Big Apple. Camie Juan proves that it’s possible. A content creator with a diverse range of interests but a consistent sense of style, she’s currently based in Brookly, New York with her husband and cat. Favoring a classic style that’ll look good for years to come, Camie’s a great example of simple is best. She lives style, so make sure to check out her channel for skincare tips, travel videos, and yes, living large in New York City.

Check out Camie Juan on her YouTube channel here.

Jessica Lee

A full-blooded Korean raised in both Korea and the Philippines, Jessica Lee is the link between two cultures. Her videos aren’t just about fashion and lifestyle. You’ll also see her talking about important events in Korean and Philippine history, as well as things that are currently happening. She’s also got travel videos, language videos, food videos, and yes, fashion and skincare videos. Style-wise, Jessica favors casual yet classy looks that aren’t too hard to put together and can serve as great inspo for students and young professionals alike.

Check out Jessica Lee on her YouTube channel here.

Michelle G.

While Michelle Gacasan— Michelle G. on her YouTube channel—has a ton of videos and vlogs about her life as a student, her skincare routine, and even curation tips, what really makes her work shine is her outfit ideas videos. These are videos that allow her to show off her fashion sense, while providing viewers with ideas on how to style and apply these tips themselves. She has videos on Korean fashion-inspired style, basic everyday wear, and even Shopee hauls. Worth a look if your wardrobe needs spicing up.

Check out Michelle G. on her YouTube channel here.

Ashley Garcia

In spite of her young age, Ashley Garcia has got her confidence and fashion sense down pat. While she definitely still vlogs about her life as a college student and her other interests, her command of fashion and style is outstanding. Not only does she have several videos on outfit ideas, she’s also done thrift flips and ukay hauls. Ashley is definitely proof that you can find style anywhere.

Check out Ashley Garcia on her YouTube channel here.

Toni Sia                            


Although she initially started out as a beauty YouTuber, Toni Sia is now a leading voice on Philippine YouTube in skincare, fashion, and lifestyle as well. And what a voice! Toni’s style is definitely on the more feminine side, but she goes out of her way to show that looking good is possible even on a budget. She buys from the usual shops like Zara, but also has haul videos from Shopee, Lazada, and even the Taytay tiangge. She also recently launched her own clothing collaboration, with comfy loungewear any girl would enjoy.

Check out Toni Sia on her YouTube channel here.

Angel Dei Peralta

One of the biggest names in fashion and lifestyle on YouTube, Angel Dei Peralta makes looking good and feeling good accessible to everyone. With a feminine style that’s perfect for the tropical weather, Angel knows what she likes and she rocks it. She’s also got several videos on life tips and beauty and skincare. Angel’s also documented her rhinoplasty journey, which should have helpful info for anyone looking to take the plunge.

Check out Angel Dei Peralta on her YouTube channel here.

Vern and Verniece Enciso

A top duo in Philippine fashion blogging, Vern and Verniece Enciso are the fashion blogger success story. From a humble joint blog in their school days to a huge following and even their own perfume line, this sister duo has definitely made it big. They both have a similar style that’s sweetly feminine, favoring pinks, pastels, and lighter colors. While their channel is full of different content, including travel vlogs and challenges, they do have haul videos for fashion lovers to enjoy.

Check out Vern and Verniece Enciso on their YouTube channel here.

Stephanie Concepcion

With a confidence and poise that’s far beyond her years, Stephanie Concepcion is slowly but surely making a name for herself in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vlogging. Even though she’s still a student, she’s already got a unique, interesting style that’s only going to get better in the years to come. Catch her putting together vintage and 90s-inspired outfits with ease, while doing makeup tips on the side. One to watch, for sure.

Check out Stephanie Concepcion on her YouTube channel here.

Ida Anduyan

Some people just ooze style, and Ida Anduyan is one of them. With a grungy, urban fashion style that mixes vintage-inspired pieces with modern classics, she’s pretty much a style inspiration for the modern fashionista. Look out for streetwear, athleisure, classic looks, luxury accessories, and so much more. Her aesthetic is easy on the eyes, and low pressure viewing that has you picking up style tips on your downtime.

Check out Ida Anduyan on her YouTube channel here.

Janine Vela

One of Philippine YouTube’s favorite vloggers, Janina Vela is a great example of how branching out has its benefits. An early entry into vlogging, she’s honed her craft into polished, entertaining videos on a wide variety of topics. Catch her talking about politics, school, her web series Trendsetter, and much more. Style-wise, Janina’s outfits hit that perfect mix between casual and classy. Trust her tips, and you can put together an outfit that’s perfect for the modern Filipina.

Check out Janina Vela on her YouTube channel here.

Bea Marin

Bea Marin is a familiar name to anyone who’s in Philippine fashion and style blogging circles, and it’s not hard to see why. With her vintage-inspired, timeless looks and aesthetic, she makes looking good look easy. Sure, you may not be sure whether you’re in 2020 or 1990, but that’s definitely half the fun. Bea’s channel is a little less polished than her blog and Instagram, with more behind the scenes looks at her life and style, but it’s absolutely worth the watch.

Check out Bea Marin on her YouTube channel here.

Gela Munoz

A stylist, vlogger, blogger, and the brains behind fashion line EFFY, Gela Munoz is on the cusp of something big. She’s got a diverse style that takes inspiration from different sources, particularly city and vintage looks. While she’s not afraid to dress up, her fashion is definitely comfortable and wearable— great news for fashionistas who want something to move in.

Check out Gela Munoz on her YouTube channel here.

Kennen Navarro

A foodie, chef, and content creator, Kennen Navarro is all about thinking out of the box. That sense of adventure is what made him pack up his life in the U.S. two years ago and spend some time in the Philippines. It’s also what drives his sense of style. Kennen has an eclectic approach to fashion that favors interesting shapes and androgynous clothing. He’s not afraid to push the envelope, whether it comes to food or fashion, and it makes for great viewing.

Check out Kennen Navarro on his YouTube channel here.

Nazrene Gutierrez

When it comes to haircare, skincare, and fashion, Nazrene Gutierrez is right at home. This style and lifestyle vlogger has a range of different tips and tricks, and the experience to back it all up. Nazrene’s style is just as diverse, and she can rock anything from ukay finds with loud prints to classic pieces from big name brands. She’s sure to keep her viewers appraised of what’s affordable and what works, with hauls from different sources and styles.

Check out Nazrene Gutierrez on her YouTube channel here.

Pauline Julian

Style leaders are getting younger than ever, and Pauline Julian is irrefutable proof of that. Like most of her generation, she grew into a world where fashion blogging wasn’t just established, but accepted. Now, she and many other young fashionistas are pushing the envelope. Pauline’s style is pretty varied, and she can rock anything printed, patterned, or plain. She’s also got a ton of haul videos from affordable sources like Shopee, which gives the average fashionista an idea of what’s available for them on these sites.

Check out Pauline Julian on her YouTube channel here.