30 Best Travel YouTube Channels in the Philippines

The past decade or so has seen the rise of unique work titles like influencer, content creator, and last but not least— travel blogger. With tickets so widely affordable and information easier than ever to disseminate, travel bloggers Philippines lead the charge in satisfying the Filipino’s sense of wanderlust.

A cursory search of “Filipino vloggers” will net you a long list of Philippine travel blog and video channels. Looking for a budget travel blog Philippines? They’ve got it. Want a video on the ins and outs of Taiwan travel blog Philippines? It’s all there. If there’s one thing Filipinos have, it’s a sense of adventure, and this new era of video lets them achieve it in style.

Curious to see what’s up and where to go in the Philippines? Here’s a list of the best travel YouTube channels and travel bloggers Philippines.

Tourism Philippines

You can’t start off a list of Philippine travel channels without talking about Tourism Philippines. The official YouTube channel of the Department of Tourism, it’s one of the best ways to get information and travel inspiration on sites in the Philippines. They have several playlists on local delicacies, diving destinations, virtual tours, and more, so you can be sure there’s a little something for everyone.

Check out Tourism Philippines at their YouTube channel here.

Our Awesome Planet

One of the most well known Philippine travel blog sites around, Our Awesome Planet is making waves on YouTube, too. Check out their channel for videos on the country’s top tourism sites, food hubs, and so much more. With OAP being one of the top blogs in Southeast Asia, you’re sure to get quality content.

Check out Our Awesome Planet at their YouTube channel here.

Hour Philippines TV

A top choice for videos on food, travel, and the nightlife both in the Philippines and outside of it, Hour Philippines TV is basically a one stop shop. Looking for a Singapore travel blog Philippines perspective? How about a walkthrough of one of the busiest parts of Boracay? They’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for foreign and local perspectives on travel as a Filipino, this is where to go.

Check out Hour Philippines TV on their YouTube channel here.

Alex Gonzaga

No list of Philippine bloggers is complete without Alex Gonzaga. While this actress and host has a ton of credits under her belt, the best look at life through her eyes is on her YouTube channel. While it’s filled with tons of different topics, her funny and creative travel content makes her one of the most entertaining Filipino travel vloggers around.

Check out Alex Gonzaga on her YouTube channel here.

Wil Dasovich

Filipino-American Wil Dasovich has become a familiar name in the Philippine bloggers and Filipino vloggers list. One of the biggest successes for vlogging in the country, he’s got videos on a variety of topics. Some of his best work is on travel, though, so make sure to give those videos a watch.

Check out Wil Dasovich on his YouTube channel here.

Erwan Heussaff

Also known for his expert opinions on food and lifestyle, Erwan Heussaff has the added distinction of being a top travel blogger Philippines. He’s got tons of detailed videos on travel both in and out of the country. With top production levels and soothing voiceovers, his work is a great choice for travel inspo.

Check out Erwan Heussaff on his YouTube channel here.

Bogart the Explorer

Exemplifying that unique brand of Filipino humor, Bogart the Explorer— played by Mark Ho— is one of the most entertaining Philippine vloggers around. Probably one of the first online entertainers in the Philippine blogosphere, he has an off-kilter, quirky approach to performing that has had Filipino audiences laughing for years. Focusing on travel and iconic elements of Filipino culture, his work is great entertainment for any place, any time.

Check out Bogart the Explorer on the PaperbugTV YouTube channel here.


Looking for a travel-focused channel that makes it seem fun and easy? Avelovinit is where you want to be. Known for her crazy solo travel adventures and fun, adventurous lifestyle, she’s one of the best travel vloggers in the country. With videos that span the tropical islands of the Philippines to far-off Central and South America, Patricia Averilla has absolutely got the range. Check her out for unique sights, out of the box getaways, and more.

Check out Avelovinit on her YouTube channel here.

Pamela Swing

Funny, quirky, and out of this world, Pamela Swing ranks high on Filipino vloggers list for a reason. Not afraid to have a good laugh, she’s got an entertaining perspective on several different topics. Her travel vlogs are especially good, focusing on locations that millennial and Gen Z Filipinos are sure to enjoy, so make sure to check out her Korea travel blog Philippines look for more.

Check out Pamela Swing on her YouTube channel here.

Mikey Bustos

Well known for his song parodies and incredible humor, Mikey Bustos is a man of many talents. He’s got a ton of great info on science and lifestyle, too, with his channel antscanada garnering millions of subscribers. But if you want to virtually travel the world and have a good laugh, he’s your guy.

Check out Mikey Bustos on his YouTube channel here.


Looking for more information on off-the-beaten-path sites in the Philippines? Surprisingly, the best person for that information isn’t actually Filipino— yet. Canadian Kyle Jennerman’s video project BecomingFilipino has been going strong for several years now. He’s explored everywhere from the tallest mountains of Luzon to the pristine beaches of Mindanao. Check out his channel for adventures in unlikely places and the best of Philippine travel.

Check out BecomingFilipino on his YouTube channel here.

Joan’s Footprints

Want the real deal when it comes to millennial and Gen Z travel? Joan’s Footprints is a travel vlogger in her early twenties living the best years of her life. Join her on adventures both in the country and out of it as she explores the best of what the world has to offer. Not sure where to start? Try out her upload on her Siargao adventures and expect to see and learn much more.

Check out Joan’s Footprints on her YouTube channel here.

Jundie Pijoto

A native of Surigao City, Jundie Pijoto is a travel vlogger and filmmaker with a ton of locations under his belt. Check out his work for some beautiful shots on local and international tourist sites. Jundie has both tropical and temperate countries covered, with information on some of the top favorite travel sites for Filipinos. He’s also got some helpful information on working as an OFW in South Korea.

Check out Jundie Pijoto on his YouTube channel here.

Renz Bulseco

It’s not often that you find a perspective on travel that’s got behind the scenes experience. Renz Bulseco is a travel blogger, vlogger, and air traffic controller. His YouTube channel is where he documents his work in the airline industry, as well as his travels around the world. If you’re interested in the ins and outs of traveling— especially when it comes to the machines we use to jet around the world— then Renz’s channel might have exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out Renz Bulseco on his YouTube channel here.

Bisayang Hilaw

Sometimes the best perspectives on the Philippines come from outside eyes. Bisayang Hilaw is the project of Carson Moody, a native of Utah, USA. It documents his adventures traveling around the Philippines, as well as his perspectives on Filipino culture, food, and language. In this channel, you get treated to a range of different viewing experiences: travel vlogs, entertaining challenges, and even language learning. Bisayang Hilaw makes packing up your life to move halfway across the world look fun, fresh, and exciting.

Check out Bisayang Hilaw on his YouTube channel here.

Mikael Daez

Looking for things to bingewatch over the next few hours? Try Mikael Daez’s YouTube channel. Home to travel vlogs and regular vlogs, it’s where you get to watch him (and wife Megan Young) tackle the adventure of living with good humor. Mikael is an actor, host, model, and news anchor, but he’s perhaps best known nowadays for his charming videos with Boneezy (his nickname for Megan). Watch as they explore the Philippines and the world with humor, a sense of adventure, and so much more.

Check out Mikael Daez on his YouTube channel here.