50 Most Popular Social Media Influencers in 2020 in the Philippines

Social media has become an almost inescapable part of our daily lives. Ever since the emergence of social media platforms in the late 90s, modern society has learned to connect and communicate in ways that would have almost seemed impossible decades before. Social media influences the way we speak, the music we listen to, where we travel, what we eat, and what we wear— and at the forefront of that are the influencers.

In 2018, the Association of National Advertisers found that 75% of national advertisers in the US use influencer marketing, and 43% were planning to increase their spending on it in the next year. Influencers awe, inform, and yes, entertain, and social media would certainly be a different place without them. If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram feed, then here’s a list of the fifty top social media influencers in the Philippines.


Catriona Gray

Best known for winning the world-famous beauty pageant Miss Universe in 2018, Filipino-Australian Catriona Gray has beauty, brains, and heart. She is a model, advocate, singer, creative, and athlete, and is well known for using her platform to advocate for children’s rights. Catriona’s style is elegant and feminine, and she’s known for highlighting Filipino designers and stylists.

You can find Catriona Gray on her Instagram account here.

Dani Barretto-Panlilio

A scion of the famed Barretto family, Dani Barretto is a vlogger, travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. The eldest of five children and sister to actress Julia Barretto, Dani has a simple yet fun style that’s made her endlessly appealing to her viewers and followers. You’re equally likely to find her traveling the world, showing off her chic outfits, or talking happily about home and family life. If you’re looking for great content, Dani is where it’s at.

You can find Dani Barretto on her Instagram account here.

Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach is perhaps best known for ending a decades-long drought and bringing home the much-coveted Miss Universe crown to the Philippines. She’s a Filipina-German model, actress, and beauty queen, as well as a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador. She also works as a HIV/AIDS awareness advocate with the Miss Universe Organization. Pia’s style is sleek, bold, and feminine, and she’s a favorite sight at fashion weeks all over the world.

You can find Pia Wurtzbach on her Instagram account here.

Nicole Andersson

Nicole Andersson is a big name in the Philippine fashion industry, and with good reason. This travel and fashion blogger has beauty and brains, having graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in International Business and Marketing. A former actress, she’s currently the host of fashion TV show Style Me Now, and is quickly gaining popularity all over Asia and the world. Nicole describes her style as laidback and fun, and you’re equally as likely to see her in comfy jeans and shirts as in dresses with big, bold prints.

You can find Nicole Andersson on her Instagram account here.

David Guison

When it comes to men’s fashion in the Philippines, the people turn to David Guison for tips. A long-time style icon who’s run the gamut for every style and season in the last decade, David is also the founder of top menswear blog DG Manila. He’s also something of a vlogger, chronicling his adventures in fashion and travel on Youtube. David’s style is cool yet comfortable, full of pieces that are both eye-catching but easy to pair.

You can find David Guison on his Instagram account here.

Ida Anduyan

For classic yet modern looks that’ll make any wardrobe the stuff of dreams, check out Ida Anduyan. A blogger and digital artist, she graduated with a BA in organizational communication from De La Salle University, and started off with a personal and fashion blog before delving into travel and lifestyle. Ida is also a vlogger with a healthy following, and you’ll find her talking about her many travels, beauty tips, and style go-tos on her channel.

You can find Ida Anduyan on her Instagram account here.

Patricia Prieto

Patricia Prieto is a lifestyle, fashion, travel, and fitness blogger who takes on each challenge in style. She works as a fitness instructor at Electric Studio, while also taking on a role as fashion designer and founder for her clothing brand Paradigma. Patricia’s outfits are classy, feminine, and comfortable, and you can head on over to her page for style, fitness, and travel tips galore.

You can find Patricia Prieto on her Instagram account here.

Lissa Kahayon

One of the top names in the Philippine fashion blogosphere and an old hand at the fashion blogging game, Lissa Kahayon is familiar to any Filipina who loves fashion. A travel, lifestyle, and fashion blogger, she also has a Youtube channel where she posts about anything from fashion tips, travel vlogs, challenges, and tips on how to move on after a breakup. If you like feminine colors and comfy outfits, then Lissa’s Instagram feed has exactly what you need.

You can find Lissa Kahayon on her Instagram account here.

Bea Marin

Bea Marin has been in the fashion blogging scene for over a decade, and her blog Zombie in Stilettos is a go-to for any Filipina looking for a guide on the street fashion game. Her career really started taking off in 2013, and she soon became a well-known name in the Philippine fashion industry. Bea emphasizes comfort and style in her looks, and you’ll find her in anything from 90s street grunge to classic, feminine silhouettes.

You can find Bea Marin on her Instagram account here.

Ira Denise Oyco

An entrepreneur and fashion and lifestyle influencer, Ira Denise Oyco made a name for herself early on. She’s been managing her fashion brand Rhipes Clothing for almost a decade, and has managed to squeeze in some traveling and excitement in between. Ira’s style philosophy is pretty diverse, and you can find her in a big dress one day and in comfy jeans the next. Her style icon is the late Princess Diana, and she likes to experiment with incorporating masculine elements into her looks from time to time.

You can find Ira Denise Oyco on her Instagram account here.


Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

Nobody in the Philippine blogosphere can forget Tricia Gosingtian. Way before online influencers were a thing, and way before Instagram climbed to one of the top spots in the social media game, Tricia’s personal blog Tricia Will Go Places was already pulling in hits. Known for her sweet, feminine style, and now a current business owner of clothing line Hinhin, you can find Tricia traveling in style all over the globe.

You can find Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada on her Instagram account here.

Vina Guerrero

Vina Guerrero makes touring the world look easy, effortless, and fantastically chic. A fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger and vlogger, Vina has taken her iconic looks to every corner of the world. From lounging on a yacht on the Amalfi Coast to going skydiving 13,000 feet in the air in Dubai, Vina’s done and seen it all. If you’re looking for a travel inspo with some fashion tips thrown in between, then Vina’s your girl.

You can find Vina Guerrero on her Instagram account here.

Kimi Juan-Caja and Thomas Caja

Photographer husband and wife duo Thomas and Kimi Juan-Caja are the premiere travel bloggers in the Philippines. Their travel and photography blog Escape Journal has long been the standard for beautiful travel shots, and the pair have worked with brands such as Herschel, Philippine Airlines, and Skyscanner, as well as tourism organizations for Indonesia and the Philippines. If you want a look at travel shots that look like they’re straight out of a dream, turn to the Cajas.

You can find Kimi Juan-Caja on her Instagram account here. You can find Thomas Caja on his Instagram account here.

Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez is a backpacker, adventure seeker, photographer, scuba diver, environmental advocate, mountaineer, and travel blogger. Known for his blog Lakwatsero, Angel is one of the top travel writers in the country, and his work has been featured in Lonely Planet, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine, Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine, and other publications. Looking for tips and tricks to climbing mountains in Nepal, or just want a hidden tropical getaway in the Philippines? Angel’s got you covered.

You can find Angel Suarez on his Instagram account here.

Aileen Adalid

A Youtuber and travel blogger who’s traveled to over 60 countries on 7 continents, you can be sure that Aileen knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the jetsetting lifestyle. Her award-winning blog I Am Aileen chronicles her adventures as a digital nomad, world traveler, and entrepreneur. For a taste of the great wide world, just give Aileen’s blog a click and find yourself spirited away.

You can find Aileen Adalid on her Instagram account here.

Gael Hilotin

Known for her blog The Pinay Solo Backpacker, Gael has been writing about her travel adventures since 2010. Her work has been featured in Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines, Leisure + Adventure Travel, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine, and Jetstar Airlines’ Jetstar Asia. Known for her detailed guides and budget travel tips, Gael is your go-to for putting together an itinerary that’s quick, easy, and reliable.

You can find Gael Hilotin on her Instagram account here.

Aaron Palabyab

An award-winning filmmaker, photographer, vlogger, and travel blogger, Aaron Palabyab is your go-to if you’re looking for shots that show the grandeur and majesty of travel. His shots of nighttime skies, urban and rural landscapes, timelapses, and experimental photography are all sure to get you itching to get on the road. If you’re an aspiring photographer yourself, you won’t regret giving him a follow.

You can find Aaron Palabyab on his Instagram account here.

Trisha Velarmino

In a world so controlled by norms and structure, it’s hard to find a truly free spirit. Luckily, Trisha Velarmino is one of them. Becoming a world traveler was just something that happened to Trisha by accident, and that accident has brought her from Asia to Africa to South America. While she’s currently based in Latin America, you can check out her adventures on her blog P.S. I’m On My Way.

You can find Trisha Velarmino on her Instagram account here.

Javi Cang

You probably wouldn’t think that “finance professional” and “mountaineer” could come in the same package, but for Javi Cang they’re just two sides of the same coin. Currently a grad student in New Zealand, Javi is also a travel photographer and co-founder of non-profit organization Summiting Sarcoma, which provides medical support to patients suffering from bone and soft-tissue cancer.

You can find Javi Cang on his Instagram account here.


Erwan Heussaff

French-Filipino model, blogger, chef, fitness junkie, and all around food lover Erwan Heussaff has got to be one of the most famous food bloggers in the country. His blog, The Fat Kid Inside, chronicle his adventures in travel, fitness, and gastronomy, serving as a hub for recipes and tips. For live demonstrations or fun reviews, you can head on over to Erwan’s Youtube channel, where he’s known for making good food and great recipes easily accessible.

You can find Erwan Heussaff on his Instagram account here.

Peachy Adarne

Peachy Adarne came to food blogging in a roundabout way, but the years have proved that she’s found her passion. A law enforcer by profession, Peachy began her blog in 2005 to document her daily life and experiences as a mother. Born into a family full of people who love good food, she tried her hand at some old recipes and found that she enjoyed the process. Now, she writes about food she’s eaten, food she’s made, and all the joys of being a mom.

You can find Peachy Adarne on her Instagram account here.

Leslie Cheng

With a blog playfully called Shoot First, Eat Later that’s run for over a decade, Leslie Cheng has proven that she has staying power. She’s put together a delightful mix of writing, food photography, and travel photography, and delights in sharing about her gastronomic adventures all over the world. Longform posts go up on her blog, while she posts mini-reviews on her Instagram— perfect for a quick scroll right before your lunch break.

You can find Leslie Cheng on her Instagram account here.

Jaclyn Garcia

If you’re looking for stylish food photography, then Jaclyn Garcia’s Ten Thousandth Spoon has what you need and more. Jaclyn is a food photographer and food stylist who has become one of the country’s foremost food bloggers. From exciting recipes to incredible photos, Jaclyn is able to capture the beauty of food from start to finish. While her Blogspot site may no longer be active, you can catch her culinary creations over on her Instagram.

You can find Jaclyn Garcia on her Instagram account here.

JP Anglo

Chef JP Anglo is as close as we can get to a rockstar in (and out of) the kitchen, and the joys of following his adventures on Instagram and Youtube is absolutely worth the click. He’s owner and chef of incredible restaurants such as Sarsa, Kafé Batwan, and Liberation Shawarma, but what really makes his feed exciting is all the time he spends exploring food in the Philippines. When he’s not cooking up something amazing in the kitchen, he’s biking and surfing throughout all 7,000 islands.

You can find JP Anglo on his Instagram account here.

Jin Perez

Jin Perez has been writing about her love for food since 2009, and she’s not showing any signs of slowing down. With a column in the Manila Bulletin and an Instagram feed full of great foodie finds, Jin also helps out with menu and product development for other companies. Her favorite cuisine is Japanese food, because it emphasizes quality and freshness— just like her writing. Readers old and new will find that her posts are fun, accessible, and can get anyone hungry for a bite of what’s onscreen.

You can find Jin Perez on her Instagram account here.

Richie Zamora

Being a picky eater might sound like something that would disqualify you from food blogging, but Richie Zamora wears it like a badge of honor. Sure, he’s hyperacidic and can’t have vinegar, spicy food, or even ketchup. And yes, he won’t eat shellfish, doesn’t usually go for vegetables, and picks the shrimp out of fried rice. But if funny, charming chronicles of learning to love food (with all the baggage) are what you’re looking for, then The Pickiest Eater’sRichieZ is your guy.

You can find Richie Zamora on his Instagram account here.

Chichi Tullao

There are some people who can absolutely make food a passion, and Chichi Tullao is one of them. A former banker and now a food stylist and photographer, Chichi discovered her passion for food through blogging in order to combat her anxiety and stress. Now, she’s a lead name in the food styling industry, and spends her days photographing and writing about what she loves. Hopefully, you’ll end up feeling the same way about food too.

You can find Chichi Tullao on her Instagram account here.

Nathaniel Uy

Nathaniel Uy goes by the name The Hungry Chef online, and it’s pretty much spot on. According to his blog, he is “a cook by profession, a foodie at heart, and always hungry by choice.” Although his undergraduate degree was in Organizational Communication, his love for food won out and he underwent courses and training to follow his passion. Besides writing about food, he also runs a home-based commissary, and is 1/5 of the operation behind Japanese grill Meat Sumo.

You can find Nathaniel Uy on his Instagram account here.

Gabby Cantero

If you’ve heard about the phrase “good enough to eat,” then you’ve got the perfect description of Gabby Cantero’s food photography. Known for her clean, crisp shots and rich use of color and texture, Gabby’s skill in food styling and photography makes you want to reach into your screen and take a bite. She’s the brain, eyes, and hands behind many of your favorite restaurants’ menu and ad photos, so if your mouth ever starts watering after a glimpse of some tempura you know who to thank.

You can find Gabby Cantero on her Instagram account here.


Kim Jones

If there’s ever been a figure who’s grown gracefully in the influencer age, it’s Filipino-Australian digital creative Kim Jones. A blogger, stylist, designer, and photographer, she’s been a foremost figure in pushing the envelope of what it means to be an influencer. Currently, Kim’s newest project is design hub The Fore, which curates and serves as a platform for the work of independent designers in jewelry, clothing, and home goods.

You can find Kim Jones on her Instagram account here.

Verniece Enciso and Vern Enciso

Verniece Enciso, and sister Vern Enciso are well-known names in the Philippine blogosphere. Both started off as fashion bloggers around a decade ago, and later joined their platforms as sisters through V<3V, a travel and lifestyle blog. After the success of their blogging adventures, the two started VV and Co, an online lifestyle and beauty boutique focusing on fragrances.

You can find Verniece Enciso on her Instagram account here. You can find Vern Enciso on her Instagram account here.

Bea Soriano Dee and Martine Ho

Gone are the days when glasses wearers had to settle for clunky, overpriced frames two seasons out of style. Founded in 2013, Sunnies Studio changed the game for sunglasses and specs in the Philippines, turning them into affordable, fashionable items that added a layer of chic to any style icon’s outfit. Co-founders Bea Soriano Dee and Martine Ho have expanded the brand to include not only eyewear, but a café and beauty line as well.

You can find Bea Soriano Dee on her Instagram account here. You can find Martine Ho on her Instagram account here.

Rhea Bue

Rhea Bue might not have your typical influencer background, but she’s certainly made a name for herself. She originally studied nursing before working as a social media manager, and then later worked as a freelance PR and social media specialist. She’s known in the Instagram scene for her eye for style, and currently curates jewelry and hair accessories for her brand Caviar Philippines.

You can find Rhea Bue on her Instagram account here.

Tracy Ayson

Tracy Ayson is a longtime fashion and travel blogger who has now transitioned into entrepreneurship. After graduating from De La Salle University and taking up design courses in the School of the Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) and Parsons New York, Tracy took an innovation course in the Asian Institute of Management. She’s the heart and soul behind Balud Swimwear, a Filipino swimwear brand that promotes body inclusivity, love for the ocean, and classic styles all in one package.

You can find Tracy Ayson on her Instagram account here.

Katrina Loring

Katrina Loring first made a name for herself as a travel and lifestyle blogger and events planner, but her current project is all about keeping it local. Katrina is a co-partner in fashion, art, and lifestyle store The Good Retail in Iloilo. The Good Retail is home to carefully curated pieces from homegrown artists and businesspeople in the region, serving as a hub for find the best of local art and fashion. Katrina and her partners make sure to give manufacturers and designers free reign in producing their products, making The Good Retail a truly friendly space for small brands.

You can find Katrina Loring on her Instagram account here.

Sarah Tirona

Sarah Tirona first made a name for herself by blogging about the things she loved most: travel, lifestyle, being a mom, and music. But besides her writing, she’s also at the helm of a fast-growing brand that’s perfect for the Philippine weather: Beach Born. Beach Born is an all-natural beauty brand that operates through fair trade and sustainability while providing consumers with the best possible products. You can pick up hair, face, lips, and body products that are all perfectly catered to the sunny, tropical weather.

You can find Sarah Tirona on her Instagram account here.

Rizza Lana-Sebastian

Rizza Lana-Sebastian is an entrepreneur, vlogger, and the founder and CEO of sustainable skincare brand Lana PH. She built the brand in order to make low waste living accessible to Filipinos, while promoting skincare and self-care. Lana PH offers refills on all its products in order to reduce plastic waste, and if you order online your order comes packaged in kraft boxes and recycled shredded paper rather than plastic bags and bubble wrap.

You can find Rizza Lana-Sebastian on her Instagram account here.


Michelle Dy

If you’re any kind of familiar with the Philippine beauty blogosphere, you’ll have heard of Michelle Dy. A social media juggernaut with millions of followers, she’s one of the biggest names in beauty blogging around, and even has her own beauty line called Michelle Dy Basics. Based in Ilocos Norte, she has a morena beauty that’s instantly relatable, and her range of makeup tutorials— from a simple, fresh face look to party-ready glam— make her a great resource for any makeup-loving Filipina.

You can find Michelle Dy on her Instagram account here.

Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy is a giant in Philippine social media, and her nearly a million followers proves it. A lifestyle, travel, and beauty blogger, she first started her blogging journey in 2009 as a school project. Fast forward ten years and she’s one of the biggest names in the business, with a sweet, feminine look that’s as timeless as it is stunning. You can check out her Youtube account for vlogs, beauty tutorials, get-ready-with-me’s, and more.

You can find Kryz Uy on her Instagram account here.

Camille Co

Camille Co started her blogging journey in 2011, and has now become one of the foremost voices on fashion and beauty in the Philippines. With an eclectic style that makes use of bold colors and patterns, paired with soft, natural-looking makeup that accentuates all of her best features, it’s no wonder that Camille is so well-loved by her audience. With posts on the latest beauty procedures and how to feel fresh and confident on the beach, you can be sure that she’s got what it takes.

You can find Camille Co on her Instagram account here.

Arisse de Santos

Arisse de Santos is a lifestyle and beauty blogger currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She’s always had a passion for blogging, and her blog Love, A is the perfect chance to share her love for writing, beauty, travel, and much more with an audience. You can check out her posts for reviews on her favorite scents, beauty tools, and makeup looks.

You can find Arisse de Santos on her Instagram account here.

Raiza Contawi

When it comes to living and breathing makeup, you can’t get any closer than professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, and Youtube star Raiza Contawi. Perhaps best known for her series of Youtube videos where she uses the power of makeup and a little bit of magic to look just like some of the hottest stars around, Raiza’s able to put together diverse looks that look great on any occasion. One thing’s for sure, she definitely has the range.

You can find Raiza Contawi on her Instagram account here.

Kaycee Enerva

Beauty isn’t just skin-deep— it also includes how you take care of your skin and your body. The Macho Mom blogger Kaycee Enerva proves that to be true as she writes about fitness, health, and all the ways you can take care of your body. She’s also an advocate for mental health, and has written extensively on practices like self-care. If you’re looking for something that isn’t just your typical beauty blog, then this one might be the one for you.

You can find Kaycee Enerva on her Instagram account here.

Kim Mendoza

Kim Mendoza isn’t your run-of-the-mill beauty blogger: she’s got a unique, funky style and passion that makes her stand out. Having started blogging in 2012 with her blog Kimpossibly Gorgeous, Kim is able to share her love for fictional characters, milk tea, nail polish, makeup, travel, and much more. For people who want to try bold looks (hair included), nothing’s impossible with Kim.

You can find Kim Mendoza on her Instagram account here.

Nikki Tiu

Nikki Tiu wears many hats, and looks fab in each one of them. A makeup artist, makeup trainer, nail artist, PR and brand manager, beauty and lifestyle guru, vlogger, and mommy blogger, she’s got a lot on her plate. Still, she handles it all with grace and poise. If you’re looking for a simple, fresh look at some of your favorite things, give Nikki a follow.

You can find Nikki Tiu on her Instagram account here.

Min Ortiz

For glam looks that are out of this world, look no further than Min Ortiz. A makeup artist, beauty vlogger, fashion model, and drag queen (alias Minty Fresh), Min has the confidence and charisma to take anything in stride. If your makeup is all about pushing the boundaries and entertaining, or if you just want a glimpse into Manila’s vibrant drag scene, then Min is the perfect answer.

You can find Min Ortiz on his Instagram account here.

Angela Nepomuceno

Style, travel, fitness, and beauty blogger and vlogger Angela Nepomuceno has pretty much got it all. Her blog Lush Angel is more than just a collection of posts— it’s a celebration of beauty, life, and joy. Whether you’re looking for tips on where to dine out, fashion inspo, travel itineraries, or the latest makeup look, Angela’s your girl.

You can find Angela Nepomuceno on her Instagram account here.