Beauty and Wellness during COVID at Avignon Clinic

Avignon Clinic

Beauty and wellness have been put on hold during the pandemic. Filipinos have tried their best to limit mobility by cutting back on non-essential activities which includes pamper and self care sessions. Now that more industries are slowly and safely opening up in Manila and the rest of the country, aesthetic clinics are going the extra mile to ensure their clients can get back to their regimen confidently. 

Avignon Clinic is a full service dermatology and luxe aesthetic center with world-class FDA-approved equipment, premium beauty treatments, and wellness programs led by expert doctors to ensure delivery of top notch services for its clients. I bravely visited their Flagship Clinic at Quezon City after a more than year of a self-imposed no beauty clinic, salon, and spa rule – and oh boy, they did not fail to impress! Let me share my experience so you can gauge if the health and safety provisions they have in place are enough for your personal level of comfort.

Disinfection and air purifying machines around the clinic

Sessions are by appointment only with an option to do in-house rapid swab testing at no extra cost. These ensure compliance with the safety and maximum capacity requirements of the government. Upon entry you will be warmly greeted by the staff and doctors, and will be required to do a round of disinfection via Ultrasonic mist after checking your temperature as usual. You’ll then be given your own set of complimentary personal protective gear and a pair of single use non-slip shoe wrap.

I was guided to the foyer on the second floor where I was given Hexetidine gargle. Quickly after,  I was directed to my personal treatment room. The staff assigned to me handed over the usual questionnaire about personal information including allergies and areas of concern. I was then asked to wait for a short while as the nurse prepared my swab testing kit since I opted to take their in-house rapid swab (via nose) testing. Avignon Clinic is proud to announce that all of their staff and doctors are fully vaccinated, adding another layer of safety for your peace of mind.

Personal treatment room

The nurse gently performed the swab test. We talked about their health protocols for a potential scenario where a client tests positive for covid as I waited for my result. After my negative result was confirmed – which they can give certification of, the doctor came in so we start discussing my treatments and other programs I may want to consider. I love that none of them are pushy in selling any other service or product that I did not ask for. They are instead suggestive and ready to answer any questions including pricing, bundled offers, and payment options. 

For this visit, I prioritized my pores and chose a treatment to help me reduce my pore size. I know that topical creams and serums can only do so much in making my pores appear smaller; only laser can make a significant and lasting impact in reducing pore size. I’ll share more information about this treatment separately. The staff are in full personal protective gear with their shields and masks on the entire duration of my (facial and laser) treatment which made me feel even more comfortable.  

The Avignon Clinic Flagship is spotless and well-equipped with disinfection and purifying machines. The common areas are elegantly designed with the perfect touch of warmth coupled with carefully selected scents that assure relaxation and calm.

Avignon Clinic has a whole range of luxurious beauty services and wellness programs to address specific needs for the face, hair, and body. It is worth noting that Avignon Clinic boasts cutting-edge equipment including Vital Dome, Thermage, and Ulthera among others. They have recently announced the arrival of the widely renowned Pico Laser (PiQ04) – a gold standard in laser treatments, in their BGC clinic.

Laser Equipment, L-R: Pico Laser, me in my treatment room, Crystal White Laser

My visit to Avignon Clinic has been worth braving the streets of Manila – especially now that I am fully vaccinated. Should you decide to go out, you must of course, properly exercise safety protocols and hygiene practices at all times. I still limit my non-essential trips but reward myself once in a while for the sake of my mental health. Stepping out of the comfort of my condo walls to treat myself to activities I used to enjoy before the pandemic gave me some sense of normalcy. As trivial as it may sound, this simple beauty trip felt liberating and gave a little power back. 

Avignon Clinic
Avignon Clinic Flagship branch

Avignon Clinic is the brainchild of Christopher Cachuela and currently has branches at BGC and Quezon City. Book an appointment and get more information about their services via their official website, Youtube, Facebook,and Instagram pages.

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