Rock On: 5 Places to Get Your Wall-Climbing Fix in Metro Manila

There are tons of fitness fads that fade in and out of popularity, but there’s one on the rise that looks like it’s here to stay. Wall-climbing is an intensive, cardio-heavy sport that makes use of all your muscle groups, so you get a full-body workout all at once. Climbers scale vertical planes with the aid of grips or protrusions on the walls, holding themselves up until they can find their next foot- or handhold. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but it’s intense, fulfilling, and fun.

Health Fitness Revolution says that wall climbing combines cardio and strength into one workout, but that’s not the only reason why climbers climb. It strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and mental strength, and reduces stress, so if you’ve been looking for your newest workout, wall climbing might be the one for you. There’s also nothing like the feeling of pride after having accomplished a climb, which is enough to make enthusiasts come back again and again. Interested in capturing the experience for yourself? Check out this short list of places to get your wall-climbing fix in Metro Manila, strap on your gear, and climb!

Climb Central Manila

Where: The Portal, Mayflower St, Mandaluyong City

Hours: 10AM to 10PM

Price: Starts at Php 600 for the whole day, including equipment

Climb Central Manila is the largest airconditioned indoor rock climbing gym in all of Metro Manila, and has over 750 square meters of climbing space alone. A state of the art gym with its roots in Singapore, Climb Central has 49 different lines, each of varying difficulty, which makes it a great climbing spot for both newbies and pros alike. The airconditioning also makes it easier for climbers to grip, as they don’t have to worry about sweat or humidity. Kids as young as the age of 5 can join, provided they meet the height and weight requirements, and it’s a great place for the whole family to enjoy.

Camp Sandugo

Where: McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, 5/F Market! Market! Mall, Taguig City

Hours: 12PM to 9PM

Price: Php 50 for a single climb with belayer, Starts at Php 340 for unlimited adult climb without belayer

If you’ve gotten tired of windowshopping and aren’t in the mood for a movie, why not give wall-climbing a try? Located in Market! Market! Mall next to the cinemas is Camp Sandugo, one of the mall’s climbing facilities. With an over 13 meter high wall and different angles and approaches, it promises fun for the whole family. The wall also poses plenty of challenges for more experienced climbers, with outcroppings and ledges galore, so it’s definitely worth the price of admission. Plus, if you just want to try out the grips, they let you climb at floor level from side to side with no charge.

ROX Recreational Outdoor eXchange

Where: 11th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Building 1 (B1), Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

Hours: 12PM to 10PM

Price: Php 550 day rate

Looking for something to do while your family and friends shop for outdoor gear? ROX is a one-stop shop for any fitness and outdoors lover, with some of the best equipment for trail running, mountain biking, running, camping, and, yes, wall climbing. If you’re raring to try out  your new climbing shoes, you’re in luck, because it also has its own climbing wall. Simply pay Php 550 for an all-day pass, and you’ll get the chance to try out their wall. It’s split into three parts: easy, moderate, and difficult, so every skill level is represented. You might also get the chance to spot famous climbers in the Metro on their training days, so give it a try!

Power Up Climbing Gym

Where: 690 Tandang Sora Ave., Old Balara, Commonwealth, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Hours: 2PM to 10PM Monday to Friday, 12NN to 8PM Saturday and Sunday

Price: Starts at Php 400 for unlimited climbing

Looking for a place to climb in Quezon City? Try the Power Up Climbing Gym in Tandang Sora. It’s one of the longest-running indoor climbing gyms in the Metro, and has been around since the early 90s with walls for beginners and pros alike. It was one of the first gyms to make the sport truly accessible for the public, and has an experienced staff to help you learn the ropes.

While it offers Php 400 for unlimited, all-day climbing, you’ll also need to pay Php 100 to rent the harness, Php 50 to rent the climbing shoes, and Php 100 for the single purchase belayer card. The belayer will be helping you get down once you scale the wall, so it’s always a good idea to go climbing with friends so they can belay you instead.

Edge Climb Gym

Where: GF Technopoint Parking Bldg, Doña Julia Vargas Ave. Bgry. Ugong


Hours: 6AM to 12AM

Price: Php 350 day rate for adults

One of the only outdoor gym climbs in the Metro, Edge Climb gym also boasts some of the longest hours, so you get to climb more for longer. Located in The Upper Deck, a lifestyle and sports center in Pasig City, it’s also surrounded by other indoor fitness activities like basketball and yoga. It has a floor area of 227 square meters and over 23 meter-tall walls in some portions, making it the tallest in the Metro. With 14 belay stations and 4 lead line walls, climbers also get the unique experience of feeling the breeze blow as they’re angling for their next grip, which is the closest you can get to actual rock climbing.

Thanks to portions ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, it’s a great place to learn and improve in climbing. The place is also available for corporate or party bookings, although you’ll have to call one week in advance to give them time to prepare.

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