The Best Online Learning Platforms in the Philippines

The times, they are a-changing— more quickly in some ways than others. With the global pandemic still underway and an already delayed school year close to starting, students and learners in the Philippines have been forced to reckon with online learning. While the provision of courses and certificates online is nothing new, it’s certainly never been at the forefront of national and international conversation like this. Even top universities in the Philippines are struggling to find ways to offer online courses and distance learning options to students.

As the country attempts to settle down into a new normal, it’s time to take a look at learning options that exist outside of a school’s four walls. College courses aren’t the only opportunity for further education, and there are a surprising number of options available for Filipinos who want to do more skills development online. This brand new world has closed some doors but opened others, and there’s no better time than the present to take a chance. Here are a few of the best online learning platforms in the Philippines for both students and professionals.

If there’s one thing that’s at the center of the online learning craze, it’s that furthering your education and development is never a bad thing. That’s the core purpose of, the largest online youth platform on education in the Philippines. Launched in 2015, it’s worked in partnership with hundreds of institutions, universities, corporations, and foundations to engage with students all over the country. It also runs, which attracts a whopping 10 million visitors per year.

Besides helping students find scholarships, college courses, and workshops, also offers a range of online courses in cooperation with international platforms. These partner platforms include websites like Udemy, Coursera, edX, and more. A quick browse reveals access to certificate courses in business, fine arts and design, foreign languages, humanities and the social sciences, information technology, and other disciplines. also has several blogs and articles about better online learning within the context of education in the Philippines. For young people, especially, it’s a great resource to start off your online university journey.

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The beauty of online learning is that it isn’t limited to any single geographic location. It’s something that can be shared over cities, regions, and even countries. New kid on the block Suyomano is the perfect example of just how far-reaching the possibilities of elearning are. Launched only earlier this month, it already offers several courses that may be of interest to people who are looking to add a bit more culture into their lives.

Suyomano was named after two Tagalog terms: suyo, which means to give gentle affection; and mano, which is a gesture of respect. The brainchild of several Filipinos based both in Manila and abroad, Suyomano is an online learning platform that aims to bridge the distance between Filipinos living at home and in the diaspora. It does so by offering brief, online courses on Filipino culture, including Filipino food, songs, and indigenous culture and dance. By utilizing online avenues, it ensures that Filipinos living in the diaspora or indeed anyone interested in Philippine culture has the opportunity to learn without limitations.

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Certified Digital Marketer

Online learning isn’t just a new way to deliver knowledge. It also evolves in conjunction with new skills and industries in the 21st century. One of these is the field of digital marketing, which requires constant updating of skills and techniques in order for marketers to get ahead. Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) is a platform that provides this. The pioneer in digital marketing education, training, and certifications in the Philippines, it also has programs available in neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

CDM focuses on designing digital marketing courses within the ASEAN context, providing learning experiences that are expert-led and industry recognized. Additionally, CDM collaborates with over 200 industry practitioners, which allows learners the opportunity to engage with experts who are actually in the field. While the company initially began in 2008 with a fully online platform, it now employs blended learning with some face-to-face sessions. It offers basic classes and programs, as well as master classes and corporate training. When it comes to digital marketing education in the Philippines, it’s basically a one stop shop.

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Massive Open Distance e-Learning (MODeL)

Mga alumni, sama-samang kaagapay sa pag-aaral ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan

Mahigit 5,600 mag-aaral ng UP ang walang kakayahang pinansyal para sa remote learning. Kailangan nila ang ating tulong.Sa tulong ng inyong mga donasyong pinansyal o kagamitan sa UP Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan Fundraising and Resource Generation Campaign, makatatanggap sila ng mga computer o laptop at internet connectivity tungo sa kanilang pagtatapos.Sama-sama natin silang tulungang maabot ang kanilang mga pangarap. Maging kaagapay sa pag-aaral ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan.Para sa ligtas na pagpapadala ng inyong donasyon, maaaring magtungo sa sa karagdagang detalye, makipag-ugnayan sa Kaagapay secretariat sa 0916 723 1200 o #KaagapayUP

Posted by UPOU Massive Open Distance e-Learning on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

For learners who want the fabled University of the Philippines caliber of teaching but prefer a more flexible schedule, UP Open University has the solution. UP Open University is the country’s pioneer in online teaching. To this day, it plays an important role in furthering the development of open learning and distance education practices in the Philippines. Its main hub is the Massive Open Distance e-Learning (MODeL), a platform that offers a range of certificate courses to Filipinos all over the country and even abroad.

The UPOU’s MODeL is designed for maximum accessibility. You don’t need a base skill level to get started here, as the courses are all designed to be useful for different skill levels and approaches. Thus, learners have the option to choose formats that are best suited to their learning styles. MODeL offers courses in fields like social entrepreneurship, children’s rights, sustainable development, and even on remote learning and teaching. As the online arm of one of the top universities in the Philippines, it’s an excellent avenue for getting relevant, quality education in the safety of your home.

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Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate from tertiary education. Even in the professional world, skills updating and development remains a crucial part of good performance. However, it can be difficult for individual employees to find the time to pursue further courses and education on their own. That’s why more companies are finding learning solutions and training packages to benefit all their employees at once. SkillBean provides such a service, aiming to become the top solution for corporate upskilling in the country.

Formerly known as Storm Learning, SkillBean offers scalable, trackable learning ecosystems that can be sized to fit the needs of your company. Employees can track their training milestones, and employers can check up on employee development and ROI easily. SkillBean also offers customized training from learning partners in technical skills and soft skills, tailoring programs to companies’ needs. While this isn’t a platform that individual learners can tap into, it’s certainly a good e-learning solution for companies who want to invest in learning and development.

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While there are now hundreds, if not thousands of available options for online learning platforms, online learning doesn’t have to happen outside of school. Especially with the current global situation, even traditional education is looking to go online. However, not all education providers have the capabilities for doing so. Luckily, that’s where Nuadu comes in.

While not strictly an open online learning platform, Nuadu nevertheless helps bring education online. The Nuadu platform is designed to provide each student with a learning experience based on their skill level and proficiency. It’s an educational tool that helps teachers address learning gaps and respond to students’ needs. In a world where schools may take a year or more to reopen, this is a great avenue for providing quality learning experiences and bridging the gap between student and teacher.

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Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication

The Internet has made hundreds of career paths and institutions more accessible to more people. The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AJIC) is one such example. A Knowledge Management Center that was first organized in 1980, it has forty years of work and development in the field of communication. The AIJC serves as a graduate school for communicators and journalists, a center for continuing education in the field of journalism, and a research and project management firm.

As part of its goal to reinvent its programs and services and make them more responsive to a fast-changing world, the AIJC also offers several online courses. These courses are separate from their graduate school courses. They include courses on news writing, feature writing, and a special Knowledge Management Practitioner Course. They’re also developing courses for business writing and communication writing. If you’re interested in journalism education in the Philippines, then you should give their offerings a browse.

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TESDA Online Program

One of the most well-known and foundational institutions for skills learning in the Philippines is the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). The authority for vocational skills learning, it was first established in 1994 and has over 4,500 providers all over the country. TESDA’s direct training programs are divided into School-Based Programs, Center-Based Programs, Community-Based Programs, and Enterprise-Based Programs. Its online arm is the TESDA Online Program (TOP), which is an open educational resource that aims to make technical education more accessible to Filipinos.

The TOP allows learners to take TESDA courses on their own time, from the comfort of their own desktop computers or laptops. TESDA online courses are highly varied, covering a wide range of skills and disciplines. These include anything from electronics to solid waste management to maritime skills. They also have relevant and timely courses such as Practicing COVID-19 Preventive Measures in the Workplace, and other free courses related to COVID-19 management. As the first authority on technical skills development in the country, TESDA’s TOP is one of the best and most accessible places to learn new skills.

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PSE Academy

The beauty of learning online is that there are so many things you can discover that weren’t taught in a traditional classroom setting. Online courses offer flexibility as well as guidance from experts in certain fields. The PSE Academy exemplifies this perfectly. Described as the official market education website of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE), it’s an online learning platform for market participants, would-be equity investors, and the general public. Its e-Learning section is the perfect place for brushing up your knowledge on stock investments and learning new skills.

If you’re new to the world of investing, you can start with their Investors section, which provides Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Market practitioners also have a special section where they can take certification courses and seminars to further their skills. PSE Academy also has a Market Talks feature, which is an interactive forum that allows you to join discussions on investment challenges and capital market issues with other users. That’s not all— PSE Academy is also in the process of developing more materials like webinars and podcasts.

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