Top 10 Restaurants in Boracay (Part I)

Top 10 Restaurants in Boracay (Part I)

Boracay is the Philippines foremost travel destination. For many it’s considered the party island of the Philippines, with a significant amount of bars, clubs and restaurants littering its coastline.

The island welcomes a wealth of tourists each year, with its busiest months being March to May which is during the country’s summer months when temperatures reach a heady 30°C. The chances are you’ll see a vast number of Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Americans and Brits while in Boracay due it becoming a popular island getaway for tourists in the last 5 years or so. In fact, Boracay has welcomed more than 500,000 tourists to the island in 2016 so far, and has eclipsed 2015’s figures of 480,000. Needless to say, Boracay relies heavily on its tourism, and has catered the island to deal with the surge in visitors annually.

The Boracay of today, however, is a far cry from the idyllic island it was a decade ago. It has become the victim of commercialization with a slew of fast food chains, coffee shops and vendors on the island. But its white sandy beaches remain some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Philippines.

Away from the wonderful beaches that the island has to offer, it also has a fledgling foodie scene, where restaurants are competing for column inches, and to make a name for themselves among the hundreds of eateries that exist on the island. So, to cater for every traveler, instead of purely focusing on budget restaurants or at the other end of the stick, high-end restaurants, here’s an overview of the 10 best restaurants in Boracay. Each one will offer something different to the next to give you some variety while on your travels in the paradise island of Boracay.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

Jonah’s has built up a cult following among travelers venturing to Boracay. It’s commonly known for producing the best milkshakes on the island. But is this true? In short, yes!

You have to walk a fair way to get to Jonah’s if you’re situated in Station 2 or 3 but it’s well worth the trek. Often, you’ll find it’s very busy because so many people are aware of its glowing reputation. Standout milkshakes include Milk, Avocado, Mango and other fruit variations available at Jonah’s. People flock to Jonah’s from across the island; so be prepared to wait during busy hours.

You can keep up to date with Jonah’s on their Facebook page.

Directions: Located in Station 1 near Willy’s Rock.

Phone Number: 09424742185


Cyma Greek Taverna

Cyma restaurants can be found all across Metro Manila but nestled in a quiet part of D Mall in the middle of the Boracay White Beach Strip is a rather quaint Cyma – probably smaller than any other in the Philippines. While it’s not particularly the biggest unit you’re likely to come across, the food here is simply wonderful. With all the staple Cyma dishes featured on the menu, classics such as Chicken Souvlaki, Pork Chops, Mousaka which is Greece’s national dish and its various salads are what has made the restaurant chain so successful in the country.

It’s not as cheap as some of the other options on this list but it’s certainly a great way to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine if you want an alternative to Filipino food while on the island. You can view Cyma Boracay’s menu its in entirety here.

Directions: Cyma is situated in D Mall in Station 2. Check out their Facebook page here.

Phone Number: (036) 288-4283



A hip bar, stroke restaurant, Epic also turns into a club at night. The menu is designed by executive chef Carlo Miguel and is one of the best spots on the island to relax during the afternoon while enjoying their famous Epic Burger. It has a long list of dishes that are worth sampling as well as an extensive cocktail menu that’s been curated by New York mixologist Dave Dennis, introducing the ‘Fresh Mix’ to Epic’s customers.

It’s not the cheapest bar or restaurant on this list but it does serve amazing food. Among the best dishes include the aforementioned Epic Burger, Grilled Tuna Fillet and Epic Paella. Epic has DJs playing every night, and the party goes on until the early hours of the morning. Check out the full menu here on Epic’s website or you can like their Facebook page here.

Directions: 5608 Malay, Station 2.

Phone Number: 0912 6801527


The Pig Out Bistro

One of Boracay’s uncovered gems, The Pig Out Bistro is relatively new to the island’s culinary scene, yet if you read the reviews on Trip Advisor, you’ll get an idea of why it should be the first restaurant you try out.
It’s off the beaten track – basically, it isn’t located on White Beach. It’s owned by one of the hotels in Boracay and is adjoined to it along Tambisaan, Jetty Port Road. Inside it has television screens where guests can either watch sport or some of the cable food channels. The staff are attentive and know the menu inside out. But that’s not why the Pig Out Bistro has been garnering such glowing reviews. The menu is unbelievable and includes seafood, platters but the best dishes are the Fillet Steak and Bone Marrow Burger. It’s quickly building up a reputation as the best food joint in Boracay, and it’s hard to argue against such a bold statement.

You can follow any updates from Pig Out Bistro Boracay on their Facebook page.

Directions: Located on the Main Road beside Astoria Boracay.

Phone Number: (063) 288 9089


Aria Cucina

Many tourists love Aria because it has a collection of wonderful pizzas, pasta and is extremely popular for breakfast as it’s one of the only restaurants of any note open early in the morning. It has the staple Filipino and American breakfasts you’ll come accustomed to seeing on menus in Asia, as well as things such as Eggs Benedict.

In terms of price, Aria isn’t cheap but you know what you’re getting here. It’s also situated right in the heart of White Beach, so if you enjoy people spotting, Aria is a cool place to hangout, drink and eat while watching tourists walk by.

Always keep up to date with Aria’s monthly specials by liking their Facebook page.

Directions: 100 meters from D Mall.

Phone Number: (036) 288 5573