Where to Eat in Boracay

If there’s one thing that holds true about the Philippines, it’s that Filipinos love food. A trip to a tropical paradise like Boracay isn’t complete without sampling the dozens of incredible restaurants and cafés that the island has to offer. There’s nothing better than coming in from a day out in the sea and sun and eating a hearty meal, and that’s something that Boracay restaurants and eateries can definitely offer.

Boracay has everything from dainty desserts to fresh-grilled seafood out on the beach. Pastry lovers, meat lovers, seafood lovers, and vegetarians alike will find that Boracay Island has everything they need. Want a gastronomic experience to match up to the sights and sounds of the most beautiful island in the Philippines? Then you’re in luck. Check out a few of our favorite Boracay restaurants and see which ones can satisfy your cravings.

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How to Get to Boracay

Visiting an island paradise is everyone’s dream, and with a location as gorgeous as Boracay, Philippines, it makes no sense to miss out. With the small island pulling in over 2 million tourists in 2017 alone, it’s clear that you have a lot of company when it comes to travelers who want to get a taste of the turquoise waters and fine white sand. But how can you get to this small, sparkling jewel of the Philippines? Here’s a short, handy guide for how to get to Boracay.

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Where to Stay in Boracay

Thanks to tourist booms that started in the 1970s and continued more or less unabated into the present, Boracay has become the top tourist destination in the Philippines. There were almost a million local tourists who visited the island in 2019 alone, with another million coming from international locations like China, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.

This incredible tourist population has led to the rise of several resorts, hotels, and hostels on the island. With a three-day stay on the average, tourists are looking for favorite spots to get their fill of rest, relaxation, and fun in the sun. Where that spot will be, however, is dependent on what you’re looking for.

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Things to Do in Boracay

Boracay doesn’t rank among the world’s best islands for nothing. This top destination is home to some of the most incredible seaside views in the Philippines, which is reason enough to drop by and visit. Plus, it’s home to a number of fantastic restaurants, bars, and other eating and drinking spots, making it a solid destination for foodies.

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Nestled in the waters of the Western Visayas region in the Philippines is a shining jewel with an almost unbeatable reputation: the island of Boracay. Only 7 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide at its narrowest part, this small island isn’t called one of the best vacation spots in the world for nothing.

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