Where to Eat in Boracay

If there’s one thing that holds true about the Philippines, it’s that Filipinos love food. A trip to a tropical paradise like Boracay isn’t complete without sampling the dozens of incredible restaurants and cafés that the island has to offer. There’s nothing better than coming in from a day out in the sea and sun and eating a hearty meal, and that’s something that Boracay restaurants and eateries can definitely offer.

Boracay has everything from dainty desserts to fresh-grilled seafood out on the beach. Pastry lovers, meat lovers, seafood lovers, and vegetarians alike will find that Boracay Island has everything they need. Want a gastronomic experience to match up to the sights and sounds of the most beautiful island in the Philippines? Then you’re in luck. Check out a few of our favorite Boracay restaurants and see which ones can satisfy your cravings.

Best Restaurants in Boracay

To start off our list, we’ll talk about our absolute favorite restaurants in Boracay. While every foodie’s list differs, there are definitely some standout spots that you should try out. Whether it’s the ambiance, the price, or especially the food, these restaurants below have something amazing to offer diners.These are our top choices for where to eat in Boracay. Read on, and let us know if we were able to bring up a few of your favorites

Dos Mestizos

Image from Dos Mestizos

Got a craving for hearty cuisine inspired by the Iberian peninsula? Dos Mestizos is where you should go. One of the top recommended Boracay restaurants, Dos Mestizos offers dishes with Mediterranean, Spanish, and Filipino origins. Try their paella, croquettes, and Spanish cured ham for a better sample of the rich flavors from the continent. Thirsty? The famous Dos Mestizos house sangria is an especial favorite. While Dos Mestizos is certainly within the mid-to-high price range, it’s the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion in Boracay.


where to eat in Boracay
Image from Discovery Shores Boracay

In the list of hotel restaurants in Boracay– of which there are many– one absolutely stands out. Sands Restaurant at Discovery Shores Boracay in Station 1 is a favorite for guests and outside diners because of its location. With a dining area treated to a view of the pool and the beach literal footsteps away, you can’t beat this place for seaside ambiance. You can treat yourself to their incredible boodle platter, or look forward to the variety of drinks offered at Happy Hour. Also on the mid-to-high price range, Sands is among the most popular dining options in Station 1 Boracay.


where to eat in Boracay
Image from TripAdvisor

Another sample of the popular Boracay restaurants on the island, Tartine is the go-to place for diners at The Lind in Station 1. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this restaurant is second to none when it comes to ambiance, service, and food. Sample their famous tartines if you want to make the most of the visit– a particular favorite is the salmon gravlax tartine. While this might not be the cheapest restaurant around, it definitely is the go-to spot if you want a light, soothing lunch and fantastic service.

Los Indios Bravos

Image from Los Indios Bravos

Once you’ve had a taste of Los Indios Bravos, it’s not hard to see why diners keep coming back. A top choice for visitors to White Beach, Los Indios Bravos is a gastropub inspired by Filipino heroes. Their food and drinks selection is just as heroic, with a delicious smoked tomato soup, Golden Paratha, and group favorite Indios Platter. You can grab lunch to get away from the heat and the crowds, or go at night to try their fresh Roxas oysters and craft beer flights. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options.

Mamas Fish House Boracay

Image from Mamas Fish House

A Boracay trip isn’t complete without a sampling of the island’s local seafood. At Mamas Fish House Boracay, you can treat yourself to some of the freshest catch around. Located in Diniwid Beach, a walk away from White Beach, it’s a place to enjoy the quiet and dig into some quality seafood. You can try their fresh prawn and crispy pork belly to enjoy that grilled-by-the-sea experience. It’s ranked among best spots for seafood in Boracay, so don’t miss out.

Aloha Boracay Island Grill

Image from Aloha Boracay Island Grill

Boracay Island is filled with any number of bars and grills, but if you’re planning a short trip then you want to experience the best of the best. Aloha Boracay Island Grill is one of the top grill spots on the island, and it’s not hard to see why. With Filipino barbecue and grilled dishes, it’s a favorite food haunt in the area of Boracay Station 2. With a baby back ribs meal that’s to die for, as well as a friendly team that brings ohana to the Philippines, it’s a must-go among Boracay restaurants.

8 By The Beach

Image from 8 By The Beach

What’s the point of dining out in Boracay Island if you can’t enjoy what you came there for? 8 By The Beach is the restaurant of Boracay Station 3 8Colors Beach House, and there’s no better way to enjoy the sand and surf with some good food. One of the most affordably-priced restaurants that still offer quality food and service, make sure you dine in for the gambas, lamb sandwich, and refreshing shakes. It’s a good choice if you want a good meal and view without breaking the bank.

Cafe Maruja

Image from Cafe Maruja

Located at the Station 3 beachfront, Cafe Maruja is another excellent choice for diners wanting a good meal at a friendly price. From the fantastic four cheese pizza to the perfectly made blueberry cheesecake, you can definitely look forward to one of the top cafe experiences in Boracay at this spot. If you are looking for light meals or refreshing drinks, then you can definitely put Cafe Maruja on your list.

The Pig Out Bistro

Image from The Pig Out Bistro

Spending time out in the sun and sea in Boracay can make you feel hungrier than usual. If you want to get your fill of what the island has to offer, then definitely head on over to The Pig Out Bistro for a hearty meal. From the incredible burgers to the fresh tuna and oysters, you know The Pig Out Bistro is where to go when you’re looking to enjoy surf and turf on your plate. Located at the Boracay Highway Central Balabag, it’s a bit of a ways front eh beach, but definitely worth the visit for the food alone.

The Sunny Side Cafe

Image from The Sunny Side Cafe

Looking for where to eat breakfast and still enjoy the famous Boracay sea breeze? The Sunny Side Cafe has definitely got you covered. With a menu chock full of delicious breakfast foods, and great brunch, lunch, and dinner options as well, it’s no wonder why Sunny Side is one of the most visited cafes in Boracay. Located in Boracay Station 3, it’s got everything you could want: breakfast, impossible burgers, and even vegetarian options. The Sunny Side Cafe is a favorite breakfast spot on the island if you’re looking to start your day off on the right foot.

Best Restaurants in D Mall

Of course, you can’t talk about food in Boracay without talking about restaurants in the island’s biggest shopping hub: D Mall. D Mall isn’t just the place to get your shopping fix in retail outlets both big and small– it’s also home to some of the best restaurants in Boracay. Station 2 is the home of shopping and dining, and D Mall is the place to start. Take a look below at some of our favorite spots in D Mall.

Epic Boracay

Image from Epic Boracay

If there’s a beacon of where to eat in Boracay, it’s Epic Boracay. Located in D Mall, Station 2 and right on the sands of White Beach, the restaurant literally lights up the sky at night. With a selection of gastronomic favorites, including baked Chilean mussels and spicy tuna salad, this is where you go when your stomach needs to be satisfied. Plus, Epic gets a revamp at night where it turns into a beach club with an in-house DJ. If you want to have a little fun after watching the famous Boracay sunset, then this is a restaurant where you need to be.

Lemoni Café and Restaurant

Image from Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant

A top favorite and the number one spot for grabbing a coffee in D Mall Station 2, Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant is the best cafe in the area. Found right at the spot across from the Ferris wheel in D Mall, Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant is a haven for the tired shoppers of Station 2. With delicious cakes, pastries, pastas, and even cocktails, this should definitely be on your list of places to eat in Boracay. Try their seared tuna, shakes, and coffee, and find out why Lemoni Cafe is counted among the most famous dining spots in Boracay.

Spice Bird

Image from Spice Bird

Craving chicken with a bit of a kick? Spice Bird Boracay is the place for you. Found in D Mall Station 2 and notable for a selection of spiced chicken dishes, it’s a must-go for peri-peri lovers. Try the Piri-piri Chicken Board to get a taste of their chicken, or their Stuffed Pepper Board if you’re a vegetarian. They’ve also got some great sandwiches, like the fan-favorite Piri-piri pulled pork sandwich. 


Image from Smoke Boracay

D Mall is filled with great spots to eat, and Smoke is one of their top ones. If you’re looking for where to eat in Boracay Station 2 after a long day and long night out partying and enjoying island life, then Smoke is the best solution. Home to some of the best hangover cures on the island, including their famed sizzling bulalo, it’s a great choice for simple yet hearty eating. The design of their restaurant is simple, but the food is to die for.


Image from Steampunk Boracay

Boracay is famous for its chori burger, and Steampunk is among the restaurants you should visit just to check this local favorite out. With a decent price range and meals that range from Filipino to international cuisine, Steampunk is absolutely where you want to go for some good eating. They have some of the best chori burger recipes in Boracay, and if you want to get your fill of that particular food item then this Station 2 restaurant is the perfect spot. Try their shrimp roll and banh mi options too.

Ole Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Got a craving for some tapas? Head on over to Ole Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant and sample some of the best tapas in Boracay, if not the country. Ole has a fantastic paella, made with fresh catch, and generous portions. If you’re in the mood for lighter fare, their fajitas are an especial favorite, and should definitely be on your bucket list for your Boracay trip.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Boracay

Boracay may be known as a seafood haven, but that’s not the only kind of cuisine on the island. In the restaurants above, we talked about a range of different food options from light meals to burgers to heavier fare.

Vegan and vegetarian diners don’t have to feel left out, because there several vegetarian meal options among the restaurants we listed above. But if you were to ask us what the top vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Boracay are, we’d have to narrow our choices down to the two below.


Image from Subo Boracay

Ranked among the top Filipino dining spots in Boracay is Subo Boracay. Serving a mix of Filipino and Asian food, this is a unique dining experience that calls to mind the ambiance of historical Philippines. Like Los Indios Bravos, Subo makes use of this aesthetic well, albeit to a more traditional, earthy direction.

Subo would be notable just for the location alone, but that’s not all that it offers. Besides traditional Filipino cuisine, it also offers diners a separate vegetarian menu. You can enjoy meals like tofu adobo, papaya salad, and vegetarian lumpia. The flavors are interesting and complex, and make for an exciting dining experience that’s absolutely worth the visit.


Image from Nonie’s Boracay

If you want to support the local farmers and fisherfolk in Boracay and the surrounding islands, then you should head over to Nonie’s. Nonie’s makes use of local produce to put together an amazing Filipino fusion style menu. Although there are meat options on the menu, it does serve a range of vegan dishes that diners can enjoy.

Nonie’s is a favorite because it offers a range of vegetarian options from breakfast to dinner. While it is on the pricier side, it makes up for it with bigger portions. Try their tempeh curry curry bowl, banana blossom bruschetta, and vegan sisig. At Nonie’s, you can be sure that you’re coming away satisfied.

Best Seafood Spots: D’Talipapa

Image from TripAdvisor

There’s no Boracay without fresh seafood. Have a craving for all things seafood, but want an experience that’s more than what’s found at standard Boracay restaurants? D’Talipapa Boracay is where you want to go. The landing spot for Boracay island’s fresh catches, there’s no better place for you to get a look at the fruits of the sea. Boracay Island is home to a vibrant marine ecosystem, and you get all the best of that right here at the market.

Located in the section right in between the Boracay main road and White Beach, D’Talipapa is seafood dining at its simplest. This is where Boracay locals do their market shopping, so you can be sure that you’re getting the same, and sometimes fresher, caliber of seafood as top Boracay restaurants. Take a look at the day’s fresh catch from the local fishermen of Boracay, as well as fresh produce, poultry, and pork.

Getting hungry? D’Talipapa brings you back to Boracay before it became a tourist hub. You can make a selection from any of the many fresh seafood vendors, which can range from mussels to tuna. Once you’ve paid for your seafood, you can then take it to one of the many small restaurants and eateries in the vicinity. Eat as the Boracay locals do, and watch as they prepare and cook your choices right in front of your eyes. If you want a taste of authentic Boracay island life, then D’Talipapa is exactly where you can find it.

Best Shake Spot: Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar

Image from Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar

Still looking for where to eat in Boracay, but don’t want the fuss of a sit-down meal at one of the many restaurants in Boracay? Try Jonah s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar for a little more variety. Tourists go to Boracay for a host of different reasons, but when it comes to food and drink, Jonah’s is absolutely one of the top contenders.

Just walk on over to Boracay Station 1, and right on the sands of the beach you’ll find this unassuming spot. It’s got shade from the sometimes harsh tropical sun, and a view of the beach that ranks among the best in the island. Spending a day out in Boracay can get pretty tiring, and Jonah’s has the exact thing you need to hit the spot.

Jonah’s fresh fruit shakes are an experience unlike any other, even in the tropical paradise of Boracay Island. Made from fresh fruits, and with options like avocado milk, mango banana, and chocolate banana, it’s no wonder that this is a favorite among Boracay restaurants. It’s so famous that you might have to be prepared for a wait, but once you get your shake you’ll be glad that you gave it a chance. Packed in a small plastic bottle with a hole punched through the cap for a straw, it’s cold, refreshing, and the perfect way to end a long, hot day on the Boracay beach.