Wineries and Wine Culture in the Philippines

Although the Philippines might not be well-known as a wine region, Filipinos don’t fall behind when it comes to enjoying a good glass of red or white. With quite a number of wine bars carrying only the best European wines, you don’t have to be afraid of missing out on your wine of choice. The Philippines is also home to varieties of wine cultivated from locally-grown crops and fruit, with flavor profiles distinct to each region. Whether you call yourself a true connoisseur, or if you simply enjoy having a glass after a long day, here are different ways to enjoy your favorite nightcap.

Locally-made Wines

Although the country might not have a local equivalent of a Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, the Philippines is home to some unique varieties of wines made from local crops. Thanks to the abundance of strawberries in the colder northern areas, an article by tracks strawberry wine to plantations in Baguio and Benguet. The Philippine Star also records the beginnings of commercially-sold Tapuy— a local variety of fermented rice wine sourced from the traditions of the mountains in Benguet— spearheaded by the Philippine Department of Food and Agriculture. In the opposite southern regions of Eastern Visayas, Inquirer Visayas features tuba as their alcohol of choice, which is made from coconut sap and aged, giving it a fine, mellow taste.

Wine Bars in Manila

There is no lack of places in the Metro where you can enjoy a good bottle of wine. Located in the quieter areas of the busy nightlife streets of Poblacion is Dr. Wine Manila, a popular French bistro in Makati serving authentic French cuisine with a beautiful wine selection to match. Ci çou in San Juan serves authentic French cuisine as well, but makes it more homey by serving bigger portions of mains to share with family and friends, all paired with a glass of your wine of your choice.

A blogpost on The Best Sangria Spots in Metro Manila from Daydreaming in Paradise features a large number of wine bars that cater to different wine tastes and food pairing preferences. A notable one, with more than 15 locations across the Metro, is Barcino, well-known for their wines brought in straight from the Spanish wine regions, all of which are best enjoyed with a hearty plate of Spanish tapas.

Vineyard Resorts

Image from Twin Lakes on Facebook.

Starting an exciting venture for wine culture in the Philippines is Twin Lakes, which according to an article by Rappler, is set to become the country’s very first vineyard resort community. Apart from residential villages, luxurious condominium properties, a retail and town center, three nurseries, and forest reserves, Twin Lakes’s piece de resistance is 10 hectares of land dedicated to vineries and cheateaus. This new luxurious spot for wine aficionados aims to emulate the craft being practiced in Napa Valley, and in the long run, develop a locally-produced wine sold commercially through Emperador.

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