5 Packing Hacks for the Traveler on a Budget

If you were to take a quick scroll down your Instagram feed, it would look as though the new national pastime were getting on a plane and heading somewhere new. In 2016 Visa announced that Filipinos are among Asia’s top travelers, thanks to rising economic gains in the region. And it looks like the wanderlust is holding steady, with the Philippine Travel Agents Association predicting that foot traffic is going to break records at this year’s Travel Tour Expo.

With so many airlines opening new routes, and ticket deals being offered left and right, it’s no surprise that travel has become one of the top activities for the middle-class Filipino. If you’re looking forward to a weekend getaway at one of Spot.PH’s top travel destinations, or already planning your next long trip, then you’re probably thinking of the best ways to maximize your budget and experiences. Take a look below at some tips that will help you round out one of the foundations of your trip— packing.

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Why Does Asia Love Keeping Clean?

From taking off your shoes before entering someone’s house, to shooing out dirt and bad spirits during the New Year, the concept of cleanliness is deeply embedded in the Asian psyche. A recent study on Filipino spending habits conducted by Kantar Worldpanel showed that keeping clean is so sacred to Filipinos that bath essentials like shampoo and soap are at the top of many Filipinos’ shopping lists. In fact, just like in other Asian nations, the bathing rituals of Filipinos are getting more complex, including more varieties of products than ever before. Take a look below at why that might be so.

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