50 Most Popular Fashion Influencers in 2020 in the Philippines

Fashion has always had its leaders, from style icons like Twiggy in the 1960s to Kate Moss of the 1990s. These icons have shaped the tastes of a decade, sometimes a generation, showing consumers what’s in and what’s not. But as the Internet became more of a daily presence and the advent of social media led to shifts in consumer habits, fashion has begun to change.

According to Business of Fashion, 78% of brands used fashion influencers in their marketing in 2017, with over USD$ 2 billion spent on influencer marketing in that year alone. The power of the influencer is strong, and with social media’s growing reach, it can only get even stronger. Previously, we wrote about the ’50 Most Popular Social Media Influencers in 2020 in the Philippines’. Today, we’ll take a closer look at just who these Filipino fashion leaders are, and why you should follow them.

Bretman Rock

Born Bretman Rock Sacayanan, Bretman Rock is one of the internet’s biggest stars. A beauty Youtuber whose fame exploded in 2015, Bretman has always been about pushing the boundaries of beauty and fashion. Thanks to his skill in putting together flawless makeup looks and incredible outfits, as well as his one-of-a-kind humor, he’s become one of the top influencers of his generation. Check his feed if you’re looking for bold looks that are sure to make you the talk of the town.

You can follow Bretman Rock on his Instagram account here.

Nicole Andersson

A travel and fashion blogger who’s been in the Philippine fashion industry for years, Nicole Andersson is peak chic. Having dabbled in acting in her youth, she’s gained international renown thanks to her role as a host of the fashion TV show Style Me Now. Nicole’s style is sophisticated yet feminine, but she’s equally as comfortable in a pair of soft jeans. For looks that are feminine and classy, definitely check her out.

You can follow Nicole Andersson on her Instagram account here.

Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

Any lover of fashion knows about Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada. Made famous by her blog Tricia Will Go Places, Tricia has been photographing and writing about her outfits for over a decade. With a sweet, feminine style that’s become her fashion trademark, Tricia proves that girly and sweet is more than just a cliche. If your style tends towards feminine but lowkey, definitely take a look at her feed.

You can follow Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada on her Instagram account here.

Arra San Agustin

An actress, TV host, model, and singer, Arra San Agustin has definitely got her plate full. But this young talent has proven time and again that’s she’s got what it takes to be a style leader in her own right. A top six finalist on Filipino talent reality competition StarStruck, Arra now spends her time developing her career and honing her craft— and that includes fashion. Arra’s style is all about the young, elegant Filipina, but she’s not afraid to experiment, either.

You can follow Arra San Agustin on her Instagram account here.

Ida Anduyan

A digital artist, graphic designer, and photography enthusiast, Ida Anduyan has developed her sense of style into an art form. Her interest in art has definitely contributed to her sense of fashion, so if you’re looking for someone for whom less is more, then Ida’s your girl. Favoring muted palettes and monochromatic looks, Ida nevertheless proves that simple is never boring.

You can follow Ida Anduyan on her Instagram account here.

Angela Martinez

Angela Martinez is a self-described dog mom, model, and content creator, but that’s not all that she can do. She’s also started her own Youtube channel with makeup tutorials and fitness routines that are sure to help you get your blood pumping. With a classic style inspired by vintage looks from the 90s and other decades, Angela is all about staying fit, fashionable, and fabulous.

You can follow Angela Martinez on her Instagram account here.

Ira Denise Oyco

More than just a fashion and lifestyle influencer, Ira Denise Oyco has developed her skills to include entrepreneurship. Besides managing her fashion brand Rhipes Clothing for almost a decade, Ira’s also worked on creating a sense of style that runs the gamut from big dresses to comfy, androgynous looks. With style icon the late Princess Diana as her inspiration, Ira is set to continue to innovate and explore the boundaries of casual fashion for years to come.

You can follow Ira Denise Oyco on her Instagram account here.

Dani Barretto

The Barretto name is a pretty hefty one, but Dani Barretto has proven over the years that she’s certainly capable of carving her own path. This fashion and lifestyle blogger and vlogger has been a name in the industry for years, and is now exploring a new adventure: the joys of motherhood. If you’re looking for inspo that’s casual yet sophisticated, classic without looking out-of-touch, then Dani’s feed is exactly what you need.

You can follow Dani Barretto on her Instagram account here.

Laureen Uy

If there’s a last name that’s synonymous with fashion royalty in the Philippines, it’s Uy. Laureen Uy is so emblematic of Philippine fashion that she even hosted her own fashion show on ETC years ago with sister Liz Uy. She’s been a leading voice in Philippine fashion for years, and her funky, eclectic style is just as powerful as it was when she started. Laureen’s fashion skills are as strong as ever, and you can catch her giving out outfit and style tips on her Instagram.

You can follow Laureen Uy on her Instagram account here.

Liz Uy

Sister to Laureen Uy, Liz Uy is a celebrity stylist and fashion editor who has helped shape the Philippine fashion industry up to the present. Having styled some of the biggest names in Philippine showbiz, including Kris Aquino and Anne Curtis, Liz has proven time and again that she’s a style icon for a reason. With outfits that are bold yet sophisticated, Liz is the perfect example of someone who lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps style.

You can follow Liz Uy on her Instagram account here.

Mari Jasmine

Now based in Sydney, Australia, TV host, blogger, and model Mari Jasmine is a true triple threat. Although she doesn’t have any Filipino blood or relatives in the Philippines, she’s certainly made a name for herself in the local showbiz industry, and continues to be an influential voice in fashion, health, and travel. With a laid-back style that looks as cool as it does comfortable, Mari is great inspiration for anyone who wants to live (and look) a little better.

You can follow Mari Jasmine on her Instagram account here.

Catriona Gray

Perhaps best known for her incredible win during the Miss Universe pageant in 2018, Catriona Gray has become one of the foremost figures in Philippine fashion. Her iconic “lava walk” and sizzling red dress cemented her place in Philippine fashion history, but this model and children’s rights advocate has proven that her sense of style goes far beyond just the runway. Catriona’s looks are bold yet feminine, and so powerful that you’ll catch her at any number of Fashion Weeks around the world.

You can follow Catriona Gray on her Instagram account here.

Patricia Prieto

Patricia Prieto has been a huge name in Philippine fashion ever since she started her blog Paradigma in 2009. That sense of style and instinct for what looks good has endured over a decade, and even today she remains one of the foremost fashion influencers online. Her eclectic sense of style favors dark colors, though she sometimes ventures into pastel, and if you need fashion or fitness tips then her feed is a great place to start.

You can follow Patricia Prieto on her Instagram account here.

Chin Chin Obcena

Awarded as one of the Most Influential Social Media Personalities of 2018 by Regram, Chin Chin Obcena has certainly made a name for herself. This fashion blogger has been in the game for years, and shows no sign of stopping. With a girly style that’s all about pinks and reds, Chin Chin is your go to if you want to dress up a lot of sweet with a little bit of spice.

You can follow Chin Chin Obcena on her Instagram account here.

John de Leon

Exploring men’s fashion can be a little tricky if you don’t know where to start, but luckily John de Leon is here to lead the way. A fashion and lifestyle blogger, photographer, and social media manager, John is a familiar face in the fashion blogosphere. With a wardrobe that’s cool, casual, and revolves around the core color black, John is the greatest example of simple is best.

You can follow John de Leon on his Instagram account here.

Melissa Gatchalian

Anyone who’s taken a look at fashion blogging in the Philippines definitely knows about Melissa Gatchalian. Known for her blog Sartorial Panda, Melissa has a knack for juggling her passion for the arts with her passion for fashion. With candy colors and dreamy palettes, she’s proven time and again why she’s one of the top fashion bloggers in the country. For a look at exploring vintage-inspired styles, definitely give her feed a follow.

You can follow Melissa Gatchalian on her Instagram account here.

Seph Cham

Seph Cham makes looking cool look easy, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood for some tips on casual wear, you can definitely look to him. This lifestyle and fashion blogger has been a fixture in the Philippine blogosphere. Readers rely on him not only for tips on fashion, but for travel hacks, gadget recommendations, and restaurant reviews as well. If you’re looking for simple, easy fits and casual outfits, Seph’s your guy.

You can follow Seph Cham on his Instagram account here.

Jeline Catt

Another well-known name in the fashion world, Jeline Catt is living the dream of fashion lovers everywhere. She started her blog Sartorialust in 2013, and soon shot straight to the top of favorite bloggers lists. With an elegant yet unique style that turns heads left and right, Jeline has proven that her taste is impeccable. For tips on outfits, styling, or photography, give her Instagram feed a look.

You can follow Jeline Catt on her Instagram account here.

Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach burst into the limelight when she brought home the crown during the Miss Universe pageant in 2015, ending a decades-long drought and cementing the excellence of the Filipina. Thanks to her work with the Miss Universe Organization and UNAIDS, she’s more than proven that she’s “confidently beautiful with a heart.” If you need tips on how to wow on and off the runway, then Pia’s feed and style is right up your alley.

You can follow Pia Wurtzbach on her Instagram account here.

Kryz Uy

Not many people can say they made it big thanks to a school project, but Kryz Uy’s 2009 blog Thirstythought was exactly that. She soon brought her passion for fashion out of the classroom, though, and began to use her platform to post outfit tips and beauty advice. Fast-forward a decade, and she’s now one of the biggest fashion personalities in the Philippines. Kryz has a beautiful, feminine style that has reached countless people around the world, and might be exactly what you’re looking for.

You can follow Kryz Uy on her Instagram account here.

Camille Co

Camille Co has loved fashion for as long as she’s been alive, and you can see that dedication come through in each one of her posts. She began blogging in 2011 and soon became known for her sophisticated, feminine style. Now, she’s got half a million followers on Instagram and a steady fanbase on Youtube. With an eye for classic pieces but never afraid to go all out and experiment, Camille is the perfect example of a fashion-forward Filipina.

You can follow Camille Co on her Instagram account here.

David Guison

Men’s fashion might be a relatively small pond when compared with women’s fashion in the Philippines, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have big fish. David Guison has been a men’s fashion icon since he launched his blog DG Manila in 2009, and has become one of the style go-tos for guys ever since. With an effortless, casual style that nonetheless looks incredible, David’s a proven voice in the Philippine fashion scene.

You can follow David Guison on his Instagram account here.

Vina Guerrero

Vina Guerrero has been in the business of fashion blogging for years, and she’s honed her skill and talent into a fine point. Vina makes traveling the world look more glamorous than anybody else can, and you can find her wowing the crowd from anywhere from Dubai to Milan. She’s not afraid to go all out with her outfits, and you’ll find that she’s just as at home in big, bold prints as she is with pastel outfits that are sweet as can be.

You can follow Vina Guerrero on her Instagram account here.

Lissa Kahayon

Lissa Kahayon has made a name for herself with her daring use of color and striking combos, and her almost a hundred thousand followers on Instagram is definite proof that she’s got staying power. Her ability to push the envelope without going overboard and her quirky personality have made her a favorite fashion blogger for many. If you’re looking to explore new color combos, big prints, or funky accessories, then check out Lissa’s feed for some inspo.

You can follow Lissa Kahayon on her Instagram account here.

Loisa Andalio

An actress, dancer, and EDM musician, Loisa Andalio’s first claim to fame was her spot as a housemate in popular reality television show Pinoy Big Brother. Since then, she’s been a fixture in variety shows, movies, and television series. When she’s not on camera, she enjoys putting together outfits that are youthful, fun, and feminine.

You can follow Loisa Andalio on her Instagram account here.

Sue Dodd

Also known as Sue Ramirez, Sue Dodd is an actress and singer who’s been taking Philippine show business by storm. Her striking, doe-like eyes, penchant for a red lip, and iconic style have all lent her a visual signature that any fashion blogger would be lucky to have. Sue is perfectly comfortable in a classic sweetheart dress and in street wear, so if you’re looking for someone who’s got a range in style, definitely check her out.

You can follow Sue Dodd on her Instagram account here.

Bea Marin

Bea Marin’s personal blog Zombies in Stilettos launched in 2013, but she’s been blogging long before that. Her fashion writing has led to her working as a correspondent for Candy Magazine, and she’s pulled in awards and recognition for her modeling and work as an influencer. Bea’s style is varied and diverse, with looks ranging from athleisure to girly to streetwear. If you’re in the mood to expand your style vocabulary, then give her a follow.

You can follow Bea Marin on her Instagram account here.

Niana Guerrero

The youth have got the power, and Niana Guerrero is pretty clear proof of that. Despite her young age, this Youtube and Tiktok star has pulled in fans and followers by the truckload, and boasts a whopping 8.3 million followers on Instagram alone. Thanks to her fun personality, dancing skill, rapport with her siblings, and confident style, it’s no wonder she has the impact that she does. Check her out for streetwear, casual looks, and dancing tips.

You can follow Niana Guerrero on her Instagram account here.

Ranz Kyle

Ranz Kyle’s first claim to fame was as one-sixth of boy group Chicser, but now he’s more well-known for his dance videos on his Youtube channel and his collaborations with younger sister Niana. Given his propensity for getting his groove on, Ranz’s style tends more towards the comfortable, and you can lean on him for streetwear and casual wear recommendations.

You can follow Ranz Kyle on his Instagram account here.

Kim Jones-Rosales

Kim Jones is a Filipino-Australian model, stylist, photographer, and digital creative who’s proven that an influencer’s work doesn’t just stop online. She’s made the most of her platform by exploring and developing her artwork, whether through film or fashion. Kim’s style is sleek and urban, favoring monochrome looks in black or white, but you can find her in neons or pastels just as easily.

You can follow Kim Jones-Rosales on her Instagram account here.

Verniece Enciso

Verniece Enciso is one-half of one of the Philippine blogosphere’s most famous sister duos, but she definitely stands on her own. With a sweet style that’s feminine without going too big, you can catch her in pastels or light colors any day of the week. Verniece also isn’t afraid of exploring some more vintage-looking outfits, and pulls inspiration from the 90s or 50s when she can.

You can follow Verniece Enciso on her Instagram account here.

Vern Enciso

The other half of VV and Co, Vern Enciso has a style that’s classic while still looking fresh, youthful without turning too childish. She and her sister’s love for fashion is well-documented, and they definitely prove the adage that two is better than one. Vern’s style is fun and feminine, and she’s adept at adding a girly spin to everything from streetwear to a pantsuit.

You can follow Vern Enciso on her Instagram account here.

Rhea Bue

Rhea Bue’s journey to becoming one of the biggest fashion influencers in the country was a bit of a long one, but it’s shown that her impact is undeniable. After starting out her career as a registered nurse, Rhea worked as a social media manager, then as a freelance PR and social media specialist. Now, she’s an entrepreneur, and is well-known for her chameleonic style. Whether it’s dresses or streetwear or 90s grunge, Rhea’s got all her looks down pat.

You can follow Rhea Bue on her Instagram account here.

Lance De Ocampo

Youtuber and fashion and lifestyle blogger Lance De Ocampo has a chill, casual style that nonetheless makes for great shots. Favoring hoodies and sneakers, he highlights comfort in his fashion, and makes sure that he looks good even if he’s just walking down the streets of Manila. For 90s-inspired looks or simple casual wear, check out his feed for some tips.

You can follow Lance de Ocampo on his Instagram account here.

Mikyle Quizon

Blogger, vlogger, creative consultant, and model Mikyle Quizon looks cool as a cat no matter what he’s wearing, but that doesn’t mean that what he’s wearing isn’t already great. The grandson of famous comedy king Dolphy Quizon, Mikyle is known for playing with fabrics, textures, and colors to put together outfits that look great no matter what the occasion. Follow for fashion inspo, travel inspo, and tips on how to use the color black.

You can follow Mikyle Quizon on his Instagram account here.

Miko Carreon

Miko Carreon is an architect and fashion blogger, and those two worlds work surprisingly great together. He’s got a solid sense of style that’s made him one of the country’s best streetwear icons, and his looks are always clean yet casual. Whether he’s in joggers, cropped pants, boots, sneakers, or chunky shoes, you can always bet that he’s carrying himself with style. Streetwear lovers will get a kick out of his posts for sure.

You can follow Miko Carreon on his Instagram account here.

Angel Yeo-Liu

Model, blogger, vlogger, and content creator Angel Yeo-Liu hails all the way from Zamboanga City, but her effortless cool girl style and fun personality has brought her all over the world. She has a breezy, versatile style that ranges from tropical skirts, rompers, sweetheart dresses, to comfy leggings and stretwear. If you’re looking for tips on how to travel the world in style and comfort, definitely give Angel a follow.

You can follow Angel Yeo-Liu on her Instagram account here.

Alyssa Gibbs

One-half of musical sister duo Gibbs, Alyssa Gibbs has had her fair share of the spotlight. A child actress who starred in films like Home Along Da Airport (2003) and daughter of singer-actor Janno Gibbs and singer-actress Bing Loyzaga, Alyssa has carried fame with grace ever since childhood. Now, as rising singer-songwriter and designer, Alyssa’s got creativity to spare. Check out her love for funky colors and prints if you’ve ever thought about experimenting with your style.

You can follow Alyssa Gibbs on her Instagram account here.

Gabby Gibbs

The other half of the Gibbs sisters, Gabby Gibbs may have only recently began her foray into the music scene with her sister Alyssa, but the two have been making waves in the fashion scene long before that. With a style that’s heavily inspired by off-beat, vintage 90s looks, Gabby is definitely not afraid to experiment with her outfits. Her style is quirky, cool, and a little bit grungy, reminiscent of the fashion scene in NYC in the 80s and 90s. Definitely worth a follow.

You can follow Gabby Gibbs on her Instagram account here.

Kerwin King

Vlogger and blogger Kerwin King makes looking good look easy. One of the foremost men’s fashion bloggers and influencers in the Philippines, Kerwin’s style is sleek and sophisticated no matter what he’s got on. Whether he’s in a t-shirt and jeans, or all dressed up in a black coat while out traveling, he always looks runway-ready. Check his feed out for casual wear tips, travel fashion inspo, or fitness routines. You won’t come away empty-handed.

You can follow Kerwin King on his Instagram account here.

Katt Valdez

Katt Valdez looks glam no matter where in the world she is; it’s enough to make anyone want to hop on a plane. This stylish jetsetter loves rich colors and gorgeous silhouettes. Whether she’s soaking up the rays on a tropical beach or going exploring in the urban jungle of Tokyo, you can be sure that she’ll look perfectly put together. If you want travel and fashion inspo, or just shots that remind you of the warm sea breeze, check out Katt’s feed.

You can follow Katt Valdez on her Instagram account here.

Bryan Grey Yambao

Believe it or not, fashion blogging didn’t start with Instagram. One of the first waves of fashion bloggers to hit the keys, Bryan Grey Yambao— more popularly known as Bryanboy— has turned fashion blogging into an artform. Equally at home in the Fashion Weeks of Milan, Paris, or London, Bryan has an urbane, sophisticated style that makes you want to dress up no matter where you are. If anyone can bring haute couture to the public, it’s him.

You can follow Bryan Grey Yambao on his Instagram account here.

Renée de Guzman

Fashion is all about experimentation and art, and Renée de Guzman proves that she’s got what it takes. A stylist, designer, photographer, and vlogger, Renée is currently a fashion design student in London. Her looks are definitely unique, with boxy silhouettes and plays on texture and color that are all hallmarks of a style that’s completely her own. Aiming to expand your sense of style? Renée’s feed is where you can start.

You can follow Renée de Guzman on her Instagram account here.

Maya Nilsen

Maya Nilsen is perhaps one of the most familiar faces in fashion, on Youtube or off it. Previously part of the fashion and lifestyle channel TheLineUp, Maya decided to move from Sweden to Manila to explore a new adventure. Her fashion taste is definitely well-developed, and she favors comfortable pieces with small vintage touches that are sure to turn heads on the street. This DJ and thrifting queen has got the staying power, so give her a follow to make sure you’re along for the ride.

You can follow Maya Nilsen on her Instagram account here.

Aggy Nuguid

The Nuguid sisters are another one of the Philippines’ many fashion duos, and these ones are vloggers too. Aggy Nuguid is also a fashion entrepreneur, heading her own clothing line Aggy PH. She’s got a diverse range and style perfect for the Philippines’ tropical weather, and you’re just as likely to see her posing against a sunset on the beach as on the streets of Metro Manila. Travel? Fashion? Aggy’s got them both down to an art.

You can follow Aggy Nuguid on her Instagram account here.

Nina Nuguid

Nina Nuguid is the other half of the Nuguid sisters, and just recently finished a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She’s been awarded the 2017 E! Breakthrough Blogger of the Year by E! Philippines thanks to her blog Nina Nuguid. Nina’s style goal is to be stylish yet comfortable, trendy yet classy. If that sounds like you, then check out her feed for more.

You can follow Nina Nuguid on her Instagram account here.

Cha Ocampo

Cha Ocampo started blogging in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. Her unique sense of style and dynamic personality have made her a favorite in the fashion world, and she’s been featured in magazines such as Mega Magazine, Preview, and Metro Society. Cha is all about following what’s true, not necessarily what’s trendy, and that’s definitely reflected in her style. For girls who are looking for a bit more adventure, Cha’s account is a great place to start.

You can follow Cha Ocampo on her Instagram account here.

Aisa Ipac

Aisa Ipac is a stylist and fashion blogger who’s been slowly making her mark. Her blog Drowning Equilibriums is a testament to her taste, and she’s got a wide portfolio of looks to go with travel destinations all over the world. Her style is versatile and can cover anything from officewear to travel comfort, with fun colors and textures that anyone would love to play with.

You can follow Aisa Ipac on her Instagram account here.

Alyssa Baña

Fashion, beauty, and travel blogger and artist Alyssa Baña is all about keeping it cool and comfortable. Alyssa’s style range is pretty dynamic, and go from anywhere from soft, feminine dresses to chill streetwear. You can’t look good if you don’t feel good, and Alyssa makes sure that she does both at the same time.

You can follow Alyssa Baña on her Instagram account here.